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  4. We do not have a trial system here, sorry!
  5. The cheat is for non-battleye servers currently.
  6. Hello if you can buy aibot 2/3 days to test it and see if it works?
  7. Is this still hack still not working?
  8. Do any of the cheats get past battle eye?


  9. Last week
  10. Thanks.. i will buy it and check it out. Cheers
  11. It can be purchased from our store: We offer a subscription as well as a lifetime purchase.
  12. Hi, It's no longer available, we decided not to offer it.
  13. I must have accidentally disabled it. You can purchase it here:
  14. is there no more life time access for bf4 cheat anymore? was panning to buy taht
  15. I was interested in the paragon hack also and was wounderning what I have to purchase to get it on the laumcher thanks
  16. Hi All, I was wondering how to get access to the World Of Warships hack. Any help would be appreciated. See you all in game )
  17. Welcome to the CA family!
  18. при выборе чита у меня вообще сайт выдает какую то ошибку фатальную типо невозможно загрузить страничку
  19. кака купить чит если постоянно выдает сайта ошибка фатальная и дальше после чего надо ждать минутку или так две что можно было по сайту пробежать и опять при выборе чита или его покупке таже ошибка сайта
  20. Thanks for your testimonial Flux30, glad you are enjoying our cheats! I've added a few days to your subscription for leaving a testimonial.
  21. Welcome to the site, I am sure you will find our software to indeed be a lot of help
  22. Thank you for the heads up.
  23. It is currently not for sale until we can release a new version that is battleye safe.
  24. is you rainbox six seige cheat working? and what about its detection status
  25. Won't name other services but there is one that has been able to hack arma 2 and it's counterparts by using a proxy web based service that would allow you to run any scripts giving that they are not detected into their proxy which will basically eliminate BE global bans however will not stop server bans but that was obvious. So I been using this can confirm it works very well and was wondering this would be a cool idea for CA to implement should they choose to go back into hacking the arma series which is still a very popular game franchise or even any battleye server based games in general like ARK etc.
  26. Hello @PopeyedJack Welcome to Cheat Automation!
  27. Hi guys ..have just joined and looking forward to all the help i can get...:) Happy days
  28. I just got this hack, but i have used several other hacks and this one is by far the best. Other hacks crash the game have ghosting, are difficult to use or are a FF risk, I started playing with this hack and my score went thru the roof, also the aimbot is so smooth and natural and also dead on accurate. If you are looking for a battlefield 1 hack, look no further!
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