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  4. When is PUBG Back?

    It's literally unpurchasable from in our store, that seems fairly clear to me. If you buy another product from us that gives access to all cheats we offer that's your choice, presumably you aren't purchasing an "all-access" subscription for a single cheat. And no, none of our cheats are available anywhere for free, they're developed by our coders. Even if a free cheat is similar and available somewhere doesn't mean it'll be updated as frequently or will remain undetected as long as ours.
  5. When is PUBG Back?

    That sucks! was like the only real reason i bought the launcher. Should really remove it from the launcher if you don't intend to add it, instead of making people pay 20 bucks for a launcher with cheats that can be gotten for free, or considerably less. But thanks for letting me know.
  6. External or Internal [H&G]

    It's internal, yes.
  7. When is PUBG Back?

    No ETA is known at the moment, but I don't think it will be soon. Sorry!
  8. When PUBG Will Back ?

    No ETA is known at the moment, but I don't think it will be soon. Sorry guys!
  9. 中国

  10. When PUBG Will Back ?

    Im wondering the same
  11. When PUBG Will Back ?

    When PUBG Will Back ?
  12. When is PUBG Back?

    Does anybody know when PUBG will return to the launcher?
  13. Hey just wondering if your H&G Hack is Internal or External...prolly Internal right?:)
  14. Last week
  15. RS2

    Thanks for the quick answer
  16. I have the same problem.

    1. Kasimir


      then post that under my post so we get a quicker awnser^^


  17. RS2

    No, sorry!
  18. RS2

    Would like to know if it's still available ? Haven't been able to find it.
  19. Hey there!

    Hello @Ponies, there's nothing wrong with Ponies! I used to play Overwatch too, also don't play it anymore lol. Welcome to Cheat Automation, glad to have you here with us
  20. GTA 5

    Can't find them either, not sure what happened to it. @Robert ?
  21. H&G Cheat

    It's not poor quality at all - everything works as you would expect it to, and if you're getting caught then you obviously didn't follow the guidelines.
  22. GTA 5

    Are the GTA 5 hacks available? There not under the purchase list of hacks.
  23. Hey there!

    Hey there, My name's Ponies - well.. it's not the handle I regularly use for obvious reasons I've been a software developer the majority of my life (started when I was 13). Having stared at computers for as long as I have, my eye sight isn't great at the best of times, and in a rather dark game with lots of camouflage like H&Gs it was really hard for me to see enemy players. The H&G Hack ESP feature has helped me enjoy the game again, so thanks for that. For me, the "hack" is more of an accessibility tool. Giving me the awareness I was lacking due to less than great sight. But enough about that. I'm from the UK, and as you can probably tell love playing H&G, even though it can be frustrating at times. The grind is real. I also love Overwatch, but kind of burnt myself out on it. If I'm not playing games I'm usually S/NES rom hacking. Nice to meet you guys.
  24. H&G Hack

    Thanks Robert. Appreciate it
  25. H&G Hack

    Thanks for the testimonial Ponies! Glad you are enjoying the cheat. I have added some extra time to your subscription here for leaving us a testimonial.
  26. ark evolved

    This is correct.
  27. H&G Hack

    Aimbot works, but sometimes it's just easier to play without it. If there's a cluster of enemies it sometimes gets confused and jumps around (as most aimbots do). ESP functionality is perfect. I like to turn off the friendly indicators so there's less stuff on the screen. In my opinion this is what makes this hack great. All in all, it was easy to get going and definitely worth the price tag. No regrets on this end!
  28. ark evolved

    this is all pc only. no PS4 or Xbox
  29. ark evolved

    Does this ark cheat work on a ps4 official server ? or pc only?
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