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  3. Lets Talk About ReCaptcha

    Changing your IP, or connection to one that is less suspect to cloudflare would be the most permanent solution.
  4. Star citizen

    The cheat is updated and working, but only player ESP is updated right now.
  5. Need help with cod ww2 xbox

    We only provide cheats for PC games, not for Console games. Sorry
  6. Need help with cod ww2 xbox

    Do I just download from my xbox 1? I need some help from admin or members pleeeez.
  7. Need help with cod ww2 xbox

    Hey whats up im just looking for the xbox 1 hack for cod ww2. Looking for a reliable long term membership if things go well. Please help direct me?
  8. Need help with cod ww2 xbox

    Please id like to purchase xbox1 cod cheats, help me?
  9. Need help with cod ww2 xbox

    Looking for xbox 1 cheats . Need to xhat before I purchase. Please contact me
  10. Anyone got any info. Looking for a reliable place
  11. Requested Games/Cheats

    Escape from tarkov.
  12. Star citizen

    Good day I want to know if Star Citizen hack is UD and is working with latest Update. thanks
  13. I cant use paypal. i want to buy rules of survival hack. im from philippines.

  14. Question

    We're close to 100K registered members. If you want to know more about a specific cheat, let me know which one so I can provide additional information. Whether it is okay to purchase Lifetime is up to you but in my opinion it would be
  15. Question

    How many users are there? Is it ok to buy lifetime?
  16. Last week
  17. Lets Talk About ReCaptcha

    NO problem with the loader sense you fixed it, but it does show up when im trying to login into the site. Even a few other sites I visit all the time, that thing will pop up. I was hoping there was a way to get rid of it completely.
  18. Heroes & Generals APPROVED

    Thanks for the testimonial GravError! Great to hear you are enjoying the H&G cheat. I've added extra time to your subscription for taking time to leave us a testimonial
  19. Heroes & Generals APPROVED

    I've always been sceptical over paid / private cheats etc. Been thinking that they are a scam of some sort. BUT Holyshit was i suprised when i tried my luck with H&G by buying 1month sub for it. (Believe me i wasn't excepting it to work) I followed guidelines "How To" and yes everything worked straight away, aimbot, esp, radar etc everything. Things could be customized, turned on and off what you prefer. My scores for things would be Aimbot 10/10 No complaints ESP 9/10 Could use some tweaks when it comes to vehicles Radar 9/10 (Saved my ass so many times, when i've been playing as recon) Tweaks on vehicle markings, could show something different. And the final question is it worth it? Yes absolutely! Considering getting VIP too now!
  20. Lets Talk About ReCaptcha

    I'm confused, are you still having a captcha issue with our site? Captcha prompts from cloudflare are more likely to reoccur if your IP has been used for spamming or some other undesirable actions in the past.
  21. Rules Of Survival Crosshire Problem ?

    What's the issue?
  22. Rules Of Survival Crosshire Problem ?

    the trick is not active after the game is turned on
  23. Lets Talk About ReCaptcha

    While we are aware how it affects our loyal customers, we unfortunately can not simply whitelist IP’s like you can on say, a Minecraft server. Maybe one day, bad people like me wont attempt to Ddos every website. In the mean time, captchas will slow me down. -M
  24. Hi I need help


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    2. Sejuth


      You'll need to ask a reset from @Robert 
      If you want to be able to use the cheat at 2 different computers, you'll have to purchase it again an a different account.

    3. exe77889


      Thanks for your help. I'm sorry


    4. Sejuth


      No problem :)

  25. Lets Talk About ReCaptcha

    Ok fare point, but what about people who have to deal with it. We need a way to get rid of it. It actually has blocked the loader for a few people, although Robert quickly fixed the problem. The addon I currently use takes about the same amount of time for me to fill out.
  26. Lets Talk About ReCaptcha

    Not many people know and use small programs to bypass it, it's a good tool to prevent DDoSing too, if a DDoS is going to need to run that small program everytime its not going to be quick so no DDoS
  27. So we know its annoying, and is easily bypassed by small programs. It really has no point at this time, and it continues to play dumb. Even after you visit the same site on the same computer with the same IP, it occurs. My question is, how do you get rid of it? Any ideas? BTW I use ESET FUll version(with everything it has to offer) and searched and scanned for anything out of the normal. It always clean. Mods i hope i put this in the correct area.
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