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    • NO problem with the loader sense you fixed it, but it does show up when im trying to login into the site.  Even a few other sites I visit all the time, that thing will pop up. I was hoping there was a way to get rid of it completely.
    • Thanks for the testimonial GravError! Great to hear you are enjoying the H&G cheat. I've added extra time to your subscription for taking time to leave us a testimonial
    • I've always been sceptical over paid / private cheats etc. Been thinking that they are a scam of some sort.
      BUT Holyshit was i suprised when i tried my luck with H&G by buying 1month sub for it. (Believe me i wasn't excepting it to work)

      I followed guidelines "How To" and yes everything worked straight away, aimbot, esp, radar etc everything.
      Things could be customized, turned on and off what you prefer.

      My scores for things would be
      Aimbot 10/10 No complaints
      ESP 9/10 Could use some tweaks when it comes to vehicles
      Radar 9/10 (Saved my ass so many times, when i've been playing as recon) Tweaks on vehicle markings, could show something different.

      And the final question is it worth it? Yes absolutely!
      Considering getting VIP too now!
    • I'm confused, are you still having a captcha issue with our site? Captcha prompts from cloudflare are more likely to reoccur if your IP has been used for spamming or some other undesirable actions in the past.  
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