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    • Only on the forums, if you aren't logged in you will be able to at the top right of the forums. http://cheatautomation.com/forums/
    • How do I login Cheatautomation? I Can only find sign up buttons But not login, I managed to do it on a weird wat But How do I normally login?  
    • Hello,   I'm very interested in your SWBF2 hack but since I use a cloud PC, I know it could be a problem with HWID check etc. Is there any way to check that before buy it? Thanks.
    • Thank you for your testimonial Satella. Great to hear you're having a lot of fun and still staying under the radar. We look forward to seeing you around here for a long time to come I have added some extra subscription time to your account for leaving us a testimonial!
    • Currently it doesn't seem like fairfight is that active. They may still be gathering data to determine how to set their 'scoring' system for detecting cheaters. If you want to be safest it is best not to use the aimbot (or at least, not on all the time). Right now you can probably get away with it, but usually in fairfight games if you use the aimbot for a long time they can eventually determine that you are using an aimbot. We will also still be making improvements to the cheat which will make the aimbot safer to use. So using just ESP is safest.
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