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  1. Gears of war 4

    Yes, it is.
  2. Star Wars: Battlefront II Hack Promo Video

    Badass video audiopathik! Some very nice effects, super professional Worth putting on the cheat page for sure! Added a couple of weeks to your subscription for the video.
  3. CheatAutomation's private Rules of Survival hack is available! Gear up fast with item drop ESP, hunt down your opponents with full 3D esp and kill your way to #1 with our deadly bone aimbot! By the time you're done, you'll be loaded down with gold and have more chicken than you know what to do with! CheatAutomation's cheat supports both the NA/EU RoS client as well as the Chinese game client. Get your RoS Hack Subscription or All-Access VIP subscription and load the cheat today!
  4. Rules of Survival

    You'll have to set the game to the window size you want before loading the cheat. Unless you mean borderless windowed? You may be able to do that with a 3rd party program.
  5. rules of survival

    I have responded to your support ticket.
  6. Rules of Survival Cheat Function Explain

    Some menu features may only be placeholder for now. We'll continue to work on the cheat, no need to worry.
  7. ARK, The Division, Warframe review.

    Thanks for your testimonial! That's fantastic you've been enjoying using the cheats in multiple games. I've added extra time to your subscription for taking the time to leave us a testimonial.
  8. The Division

    Great testimonial dhex, awesome to hear you're liking the cheat so much you're considering lifetime Looking forward to having you with us for the long haul. I've added some extra time to your subscription for taking the time to write us a testimonial.
  9. SWBF2

    Thanks for your testimonial, Thabsufan! Glad to hear you are enjoying the cheat! I have added some extra time to your subscription for leaving us a testimonial.
  10. [QUESTION]Lifetime Subscription

    It may depend on the circumstances, but in general the lifetime purchase would be void. We would like to avoid this situation if at all possible however and thus we try to be careful with which games we offer lifetime purchases for in the first place. Typically only large games where we can see they will have a healthy population for a long time. Once developers stop releasing large updates that break the cheats, then the cheat will continue to work as long as we are in business, and the game servers are online.
  11. Client login display load time increasing?

    Sometimes the server may be slower based on the load or may need a little pick-me-up. It should be faster now
  12. GEARS OF WAR 4

    Thanks for the testimonial! Good to hear you are enjoying the GOW4 cheat! I have added some extra subscription time to your subscription for taking the time to leave a testimonial.
  13. What to do?

    Try again now, should be fixed for you.
  14. Need a Coder for privatecheats

    Sorry, we don't make custom private cheats.