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  1. The delete key on your keyboard (under insert) will open/close the cheat menu
  2. Panther is the latest version of the launcher, just a different name that's all.
  3. When games release updates and cause the cheats to stop working, there is some downtime while the cheat is updated.
  4. Your account is not a subscriber, which may be why you cannot access the launcher.
  5. If you add an address here: it may help. Alternatively trying a different browser may fix the issue.
  6. Yes, it is undetected. It's never been detected.
  7. Delete open/closes the menu.
  8. We don't sell the battlefront cheat as a standalone cheat anymore, it's only available through all-access VIP now.
  9. Welcome, I am sure you will enjoy the cheats
  10. Please don't try to bypass our word filter, it's there for a reason to prevent mention of other cheat sites which is there as we have a rule against advertisment/discussing other cheat sites. The menu is our black panther menu. Prediction used to be a menu feature but we made it automatic and removed it as a toggle. No recoil/breath were removed as H&G's anticheat tries to detect no-recoil features, it's for people's safety.
  11. Hey, when you're checking out you can untick the renewal option so it's a one-off 1-month purchase
  12. Welcome to the site! Nice to have you with us
  13. All of the cheats we advertise on the site are currently working and updated. That includes GoW 4.
  14. yep, we have one of those.
  15. If you can't get autohotkey to recognize the controller inputs, you can always use a 3rd party program like xpadder to setup your controller to send a keyboard or mouse input with one of the buttons. I am not sure if those programs support the xbox one controller, I know they support the 360 controller and there are free programs available for the PS3 and PS4 controllers.