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  1. Heroes & Generals Video #2

    Just got around to checking out the video, nice work! Cool to see the cheat being used with aircraft as well! I have added some extra subscription time to your account for the video!
  2. Star Wars Battlefront 2?

    Probably, I couldn't tell you for sure but we definitely had it out for release.
  3. Quake Champions Release

    Hi, The cheat is currently available to all-access VIP members. Currently Visibility checks and aim smoothing need to be added, then we will most likely make the cheat available for sale through a standalone subscription.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2?

    Yes, very likely. We will be developing our cheat during any beta periods so there may not be anything available for the beta.
  5. Ark bot works how long on B.E servers?

    I'm not sure that our cheat will even function with the battleye version of the game. This version is only designed for non-battleye.
  6. BF1 Greatness

    Thank you for your testimonial! I have added some extra subscription time for taking the time to write this
  7. Heroes & Generals Video #1

    I'm guessing this is some old footage you found? Either way appreciate the video, I have added a few days of our H&G subscription to your account.
  8. Recurring Subscription

    If it's through stripe, canceling the subscription on our site should work: http://cheatautomation.com/forums/clients/purchases/
  9. New here

    Hi! The Quake cheat is available currently to all-access VIPs but it is still in development
  10. Division

    Hi, if you use the silent aim option, then you can choose to distribute your shots by percentages over multiple areas, or adjust accuracy. That means you can tune the randomness, along with overall DPS.
  11. hihi

    Welcome to the site
  12. World of Warships hack will return?

    You mean this? http://cheatautomation.com/forums/store/product/27-wows-hack-1-month3-months-virtual-non-refundable/ If you are logged into the site, no Idea why you would get that, maybe try a different web browser or new account. Same suggestion, but first try removing the symbols from your address; they may be causing a parsing issue.
  13. instructions for use

    You will find the password in the download thread:
  14. Titanfall 2

    Great to hear you enjoyed the cheat, I have added some extra time to your subscription for writing us a testimonial!
  15. World of Warships

    It can be found in our store