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  1. Hi, we don't offer any trial here at the moment.
  2. We aren't interested in adding a lifetime option at this point. I'm sorry I can't be of more help there. The only applicable lifetime option here for GoW4 would be All-Access VIP Lifetime which is lifetime access to our service and includes all cheats.
  3. No, just the normal features.
  4. Hi, no our cheat doesn't offer that feature.
  5. Hi, you should be able to renew the last one from here:
  6. That's correct, we don't support the PTS.
  7. Hi, We mention most of the major features in our feature lists. Yes, the aimbot accounts for bullet drop. Spectator alert? Not sure if this still works, we used to have it. No to the other features.
  8. I have responded to your support ticket.
  9. Hi, not currently.
  10. No, the aimbot doesn't work when you're in a tank or vehicle.
  11. Thanks Bastian.
  12. It's in the store.
  13. Please follow the cheat guide: After extraction, the executable needs to be renamed.
  14. Haha, enjoy it and congrats!
  15. Hello, no one blocked you, I have no idea what you mean? That said I appreciate the video but it shows cheats we no longer sell so it's not something we would be able to use. I also can't offer you subscription time for videos if you aren't already a subscriber.