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  1. It is still available.
  2. Great to hear you've been enjoying the cheats I've added some extra time to your subscription for the testimonial.
  3. No, it doesn't. The game client doesn't send information on enemy ships until it decides you can see them so there is no way to work around that.
  4. You don't have a subscription here, do you need to purchase the WoWS cheat?
  5. That's a paypal issue, you may have to contact them.
  6. Great testimonial Aston! Great to hear the ESP is what you were looking for and I'm really looking forward to seeing your video! If you have a subscription on any account I'd be happy to add some time to it.
  7. Either try a different web browser or adding an address here should fix it:
  8. Chicken dinner in every game?! Nice one! Your thoughts on the cheat pretty much mirror ours. And you're right about the importance of reading, loading the cheat incorrectly leaves you wide open to battleye detecting part of the injection process, and I've already seen multiple people ignoring the guide and loading the cheat incorrectly. Thanks for the testimonial, I added some extra time to your subscription.
  9. The WoWS cheat is available in the store.
  10. Our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hack is available! We've heard requests from the community to support this title and we're happy to be able to oblige. Our PUBG cheat features Player ESP alone in order to minimize the code footprint when loaded into the game, reducing the risk of detection. That said, we're sure Battleye will try to detect our cheat and they're pretty good at their jobs. We don't recommend purchasing our cheat if you aren't comfortable with the idea your account may very well be banned. Even with just ESP you should have no issue getting more kills and chicken dinners than ever before! See all the cheat details on our PUBG Hack Page: Become an All-Access VIP to access the cheat, or purchase a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hack Subscription:
  11. Hi

    Welcome dizeee, glad to have you with us! Enjoy the PUBG cheat
  12. Please send me a private message with the paypal transaction ID for the payment.
  13. I don't believe this feature is enabled anymore.
  14. Add an address to your account here on the site as well if you continue to have issues.
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    Welcome to the site