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  1. Star Wars Battlefront 1 still working?

    That's funny you're more interested in the previous game than the new one? But yes, the cheat for the older game is working.
  2. Warframe aimbot

    I would say using it on a brand new account is probably not a good idea. Good to get some mods and complete a few missions first. Any monitoring of this would currently be manual, so if you don't do impossible amounts of damage you're less likely to get caught.
  3. Heroes & Generals

    What is assault? Some kind of map type? I haven't heard of any issues with our cheats on any game mode but maybe some of our users more experienced H&G players can chime in.
  4. Hi from Russia

    Hey Paul, welcome to the site! You can see our available cheats on the store page: http://cheatautomation.com/forums/store/category/32-cheats/
  5. Warframe aimbot

    The other features are not as risky. Damage multiplier could be potentially detected by the game server, whereas for other features they would have to find a way to detect the cheat running in the game client. It's definitely safer if you're just using the aimbot/esp.
  6. How to install and Use WW2 cheat?

    The cheat is working and undetected. We've never offered a 3-day trial here, you must be referring to some other website.
  7. CoD: WWII?

    If you have an issue with the cheat post in the COD forum. This is the presales forum, not the place to ask for help.
  8. CoD: WWII?

    It is available now.
  9. Heroes & Generals

    Thanks for your testimonial, I've extended your subscription by a few days
  10. Chatbox? Call of Duty WW2 expectations?

    No plans to add a shoutbox, it was misused in the past. For COD WW2 we can make no guarantees about how safe the cheat will remain, it depends on what the developers decide to do. Of course, we will do our best to keep the cheat undetected and release updates if they ever do find a way to detect the cheat.
  11. Warframe

    We are aware of the game update and are working on it
  12. SWBF2 - 2D radar / 3D radar

    No, we don't offer trials presently.
  13. CheatAutomation's private COD WW2 hack is now available! Dominate every match you play with the help of our precision bone aimbot and full 3D ESP to easily hunt down your opponents and take them out with ease. Rank up faster than ever before as you earn thousands of EXP per match completing tons of challenges, getting loads of kills and objective points. Earn supply drops faster than ever to complete your collections and unlock the rarest skins, uniforms and more. Configure your cheat features through our in-game mouse-driven menu. Get your COD WW2 Subscription or All-Access VIP subscription and load the cheat today!
  14. Star Wars BF2

    As of now it is headshot only.
  15. Heroes & Generals review

    Thanks for your testimonial Keiichi!