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  1. Hi, we just updated the cheat.
  2. hi

    Welcome to the site, nice to have you with us
  3. You need a subscription from our store to use our cheats:
  4. Great to hear you feel it's a worthwhile value
  5. It will be available for the launch, we need to make sure our launcher is updated prior to releasing the cheat.
  6. Thanks for the testimonial, glad you are enjoying the cheats
  7. I have no idea why you would have that issue. I'd suggest making a new account. If you like I can delete this account.
  8. bf1

    It doesn't look like you currently have a subscription. Without one you won't be able to download the cheat launcher.
  9. It may be an issue with your DNS servers, if you are having a connection issue or using a VPN. Or you may have some malware on your PC that is injecting ads or other content into your pages. You can also try resetting your internet explorer (or microsoft edge) settings to their defaults and removing any addons.
  10. Hey guys, we are however we need to make some changes to our launcher first for security, until that is done we can't launch a cheat for it.
  11. We have no plans to support Black Desert, we primarily offer aimbot/ESP cheats so we feel others who specialize in bots have more to offer there. Besides that, we want to offer cheats for games that our users are interested in, and these tend to be FPS type titles.
  12. Awesome, enjoy your lifetime membership Mike! I am sure you will enjoy the BF1 and WoW cheats, along with what we'll be offering in the future
  13. Hi, No we don't offer any cheat for league of legends, sorry! Our cheats are all in English, it's best if you have some understanding of the language.
  14. That is an incredibly exhaustive review, thank you wootwow It's great to hear you would recommend our services!
  15. Yes, our cheat does work on non-battleye servers.