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  1. Who bought it?
  2. There are already hackers everywhere spawning gear and teleporting so it doesn't look like they have much working in the way of an anti-cheat. One of the other sites already has a hack out but you can only buy it as part of a package.
  3. I'll be buying this hack for sure, don't play DayZ anymore but am loving the Arma3 alpha (when it isn't fucking crashing).
  4. So does anyone here like videogames?
  5. This. I would rather wait a little longer than get detected right away.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll check it out.
  7. Haha yeah I need to get some recording software but FRAPS makes my game lag too much. Is there anything different that you guys use?
  8. That site got so shit so fast, all the kids got drawn in by the ARMA hack, I'm still over there but it is painful browsing those forums.
  9. Is he letting it all go through BE now? I haven't been on the forums for a while and last time I was there rocket was flipping his shit because people were asking him to reverse the BE global bans.
  10. Yeah I use a public script bypass, it just needed the source recompiled. Some of the scripts I have gotten from other guys are pretty out there.
  11. People who weren't using scripts were being banned as well.
  12. If he has already found an engine and coded the game for release this year as a standalone it is going to be the most bug ridden piece of crap that has ever been released. There was talk about the mod being integrated into ARMA soon I think that is what is causing the confusion with the "standalone release".
  13. Well going by your post in which you mentioned that you would need a new key,guid,ip and mac it didn't seem like you did.
  14. All I have seen is the trailer and some fake screenshots that were just a modded GTAIV.