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  1. Hello everyone it's me again Reviews4h4cks with another video watermark :
  2. Hey, is there a chance cheatautomation is having a cheat for CrossFire EU, RU and NA in near future ? EU: RU: NA: greetings Reviews4H4cks
  3. Guys I just found a Free Voucher code from Reto.3 DAYS FREE VETERAN MEMBERSHIP How to activate the code ? 1. start the crap game 2. log in 3. click the menu button which looks like a cogwheel in the top right corner 4. click on Redeem Voucher 5. Paste or type in the code and click ok CODE: APRIL2017 Happy Cheating Guys Have Fun
  4. Hab das Cheat-Programm schon lange nicht mehr musste dich an einen Admin wenden und nachfragen. Würde auch gerne mal wieder neue Videos machen
  5. my passport says german my parents are from russia Regards Daniel thanks wann to make some more but i have to know how to censor something in video like the name. my edit skills from 1-10 is ehmmm 0,5 xD and i m also using Moviemaker . Regards Daniel
  6. Hey Cheatautomation Community, ENGLISH GERMAN RUSSIAN Like and Subscribe To my YouTube channel Thanks.
  7. I hate Fucking Heroes&Generals lets kill this shit !