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  1. Heroes & Generals Video #1

    thanks new video incoming
  2. Hello everyone it's me again Reviews4h4cks with another video watermark : http://cheatautomation.com/media/cheatautomation-logo-site-large.png
  3. New Game Hack suggestion

    Hey, is there a chance cheatautomation is having a cheat for CrossFire EU, RU and NA in near future ? EU: http://crossfire.gamerage.com/ RU: https://cfire.mail.ru/ NA: http://crossfire.z8games.com/ greetings Reviews4H4cks
  4. HACK REVIEW H&G in 3 languages LIKE SUBSCRIBE

    Guys I just found a Free Voucher code from Reto.3 DAYS FREE VETERAN MEMBERSHIP How to activate the code ? 1. start the crap game 2. log in 3. click the menu button which looks like a cogwheel in the top right corner 4. click on Redeem Voucher 5. Paste or type in the code and click ok CODE: APRIL2017 Happy Cheating Guys Have Fun
  5. HACK REVIEW H&G in 3 languages LIKE SUBSCRIBE

    Hab das Cheat-Programm schon lange nicht mehr musste dich an einen Admin wenden und nachfragen. Würde auch gerne mal wieder neue Videos machen
  6. HACK REVIEW H&G in 3 languages LIKE SUBSCRIBE

    my passport says german my parents are from russia Regards Daniel thanks wann to make some more but i have to know how to censor something in video like the name. my edit skills from 1-10 is ehmmm 0,5 xD and i m also using Moviemaker . Regards Daniel
  7. HACK REVIEW H&G in 3 languages LIKE SUBSCRIBE

    u are trolling me right now.
  8. Hey Cheatautomation Community, ENGLISH GERMAN RUSSIAN Like and Subscribe To my YouTube channel Thanks.
  9. I hate Fucking Heroes&Generals lets kill this shit !