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  1. For me Panther is still locking up and not saving my setting in WoWS And that is in both of the WoWS hacks.
  2. I still can't save my setting when panther is on in WoWS O yea the WoWS test doesn't work too . This one will not go to your setting it is given me a error message.
  3. Thx
  4. Okay I have it now But how do I save my login mane and pw ? So I don't have to retype it every time I open it up?
  5. it keeps asking me to change the name to the client.exe file and I can't do that because it will not let me. when I type in cheatautomation for the pw
  6. still having password issues
  7. was in the middle of a wows battle when the game crashes on me when I went to restart it and then went on to logon to panther it told me there has been a new update for it. So I said ok so I did the new update and tried to login but the password is not working on the new updates . HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  8. Ok guys I think I got it figured out now . Here is the deal when Robert mentioned to me to " changing the aim assist key " I thought he was talking about the setting in WoWS " in the game ". Not in the Cheat Autolauncher. Witch he fail to mention to me. So I do know that the " aim assist key " is in the Cheat Autolauncher not in WoWS gaming system. Some of us are not computer savvy and from time to time we need some one to spell it out for us. I do hope in the near future that the teach support will take this into reconsideration of this gesture.
  9. Du you think if I just delete and reinstall the cheatautolauncher would fix the issue? Ok just tried to uninstall /reinstall and still having the same issue . and main issue is when I press my fire button also this button is also my executable button It moves my mouse pointer all over the place. Now I tried to reconfigure my setting in the game but still getting the same thing. HELP Please!!! LOL
  10. Ok Guys I had to replace my video card in my PC to make a long story short I lost every thing on my hard drive .So I had to do redownload cheat launcher and get into WoWS and once I get into Battle my Mouse start jumping all round . So I tried it without the launcher and my mouse worked just fine. So How fix this issue. Please Help and please respond.
  11. Lmao it doesn't surprise me.
  12. I can't login to the Cheat launcher was able to at 5:00 am this morning . But I had to go do some things and when I got back . I get on my PC to play WoWS and try to launch the Cheat auto launcher and it's not working . What is the deal this time?
  13. Yesterday I had no problem login to the hack launcher . Now today I can't . what is the deal . one day you tell me that I had to renew my subscription so I go and do the WoW lifetime one. Then you bill me for a month subscription too ? And I still can't get in I sure your happy with my money. Cause I felt like I got screwed on this deal. Please respond thew email please
  14. No there is no payment issue if there is it's on Cheatautomation cause I get a bill from Pay Pal every month for 14.88. But this month of SEP. I somehow didn't get a bill from Pay Pal from Cheatautomation . Please resend the the bill please.
  15. the cheat launcher is down for the WoW well for me that is.