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  1. If you purchase 1 month, you'll have access for 1 month. Not sure what you mean. There's always a chance of getting banned when you cheat, but our cheat has never been detected. Only a handful of people got banned but that's because they raged and got reported and manually banned.
  2. Yes it works
  3. It can be if you selected that option. Here's a guide on how to cancel one:
  4. You first need to purchase a subscription: After you have done that you can download our loader
  5. Hello dude i am so sorry for bothering you here. But too many people is asking/waiting for the rust hack. Ye it is an old game but also its always updating and fully game... please please CA can do better alwys.

    1. Sejuth


      Don't worry about it.
      Please send a PM to @Robert he will able to give you the final answer :)

  6. Its not up to me to decide but the team focuses on new releases and Rust is really old.
  7. Sorry no.
  8. Auto block/dodge/parry, guard break counter, etc.. It would indeed be different than the usual cheats we offer
  9. I don't think it interferes with the cheat. But the cheat wasn't coded with a mod installed so it may be a problem but I don't think it will be a problem.
  10. Its not released yet
  11. Looks like a really fun game! Its very early release though, not sure if we will support it because of that.
  12. Don't know, sorry!
  13. hi

    Hello @restinpeace! welcome to Cheat Automation
  14. No, its an assistance tool, not a bot.