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  1. Hello @PopeyedJack Welcome to Cheat Automation!
  2. hey, any idea what to do if you re-download the launcher but the downloader just sits there even though the download is done? Meaning that I cant open a launcher because the downloader never gives me one? please help!!

    1. Sejuth


      Give it a few minutes, first time I ran it, I had to wait 1 hour for it to download.

      It created a specially and unique loader for you for utmost security.

      As soon as you have downloaded the loader you'll see numbers.exe and you can open that one instead of the downloader :)

    2. masterjt


      so your saying, even though it shows the downloader completed the download, I may have to wait a while for the actual launcher to show up?

  3. Hi

    Hai @realplatinumog! Welcome to Cheat Automation!
  4. We're waiting for a stable/healthy player base. With most hyped games there are a lot of players in the first month and drops insanely much after the first month.
  5. And to be more specific: The stickied threads are the data tables
  6. If you have been using the automatic settings then you may need to switch over to the custom velocity. We have data tables in the VIP forums for a lot of ships (not all).
  7. No problem at all!
  8. Hello! Our cheats are only supported on the PC, so no console cheats (Xbox One/PS4) Sorry!
  9. It's sent to the email you entered when you purchased the gift voucher. I don't think the Client Area exists anymore.
  10. You can send me the money through PayPal and then I can purchase the gift voucher for you. If you want to do that please PM me
  11. You don't need a credit card, you can link your bank account to PayPal as well. You can purchase gift vouchers here:
  12. Hello @Hakdahakrs Welcome to Cheat Automation
  13. Could you try another browser?
  14. Hai @blintz Welcome to Cheat Automation!