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  1. Hi I need help


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Sejuth


      You'll need to ask a reset from @Robert 
      If you want to be able to use the cheat at 2 different computers, you'll have to purchase it again an a different account.

    3. exe77889


      Thanks for your help. I'm sorry


    4. Sejuth


      No problem :)

  2. Lets Talk About ReCaptcha

    Not many people know and use small programs to bypass it, it's a good tool to prevent DDoSing too, if a DDoS is going to need to run that small program everytime its not going to be quick so no DDoS
  3. May try Trial

    We don't offer trials, sorry.
  4. Rules Of Survival Crosshire Problem ?

    Maximize the window before loading the cheat and after that do not change the window size, this is what I do: Open game Sign into game Maximize Window of game Open client Load cheat
  5. Rules of Survival Cheat Function Explain

    Aimbot, FoV, ESP (box, Name, HP) Death ESP/carepackage Vehicle HP ESP Crosshair Save/load config Are currently working
  6. Star Wars: Battlefront II Hack Promo Video

    Oh, I didn't know that the 2D radar didn't work, don't have the game so never used the cheat. If that is working then yes, otherwise it's not necessary to re-render imo
  7. Star Wars: Battlefront II Hack Promo Video

    The first 2 clips should have been switched, and the 3rd should have featured the 2d radar, but other than that I liked it Love the boom headshot song
  8. Rules of Survival Cheat Function Explain

    Once everything is done, you'll be able to turn off items, it will be in the cheat soon
  9. Rules of Survival Cheat Function Explain

    HeadDot ESP shows a tiny dot where the head of the enemy is Traceline ESP shows a line from you to the enemy Distance ESP shows how far away the enemy is, in meters. Show Watermark, shows the watermark of our cheat site Radar, shows a window with dots on them to see enemies in a 360-degree 2d view Currently, only the Show Watermark feature works The rest, like Robert, said above is being worked on
  10. i bought the ros cheat, and why its taking so long to approve it? 

    1. Sejuth


      You should've been activated by now, are you sure the payment went through without problems?

  11. rules of survival

    What's new?
  12. rules of survival

    Yes the game had an update that I didn't know about, the cheat will be updated as soon as the coder comes online
  13. rules of survival

    Open the menu, first tab "aimbot" has all the aimbot options. It's enabled by default.
  14. help

    I'm going to need a little bit more.
  15. Will there be a Dirty bomb Cheat?

    Most likely not, it's an old game.