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  1. a lot more calculations, so too complicated.
  2. Our aimbot doesn't work in vehicles, sorry!
  3. war of warships hack is not working,  ESP lines not showing 24/04/2017

    1. Sejuth


      No need to PM and post on my profile, I read both.

  4. We create the cheat for the game, without any mods installed. So we don't officially support the mod pack. However, users report that it works fine
  5. Okay.
  6. Here:
  7. Screenshot_2.png.0b1752ddedb16c6071262463f8d57d00.png

    1. tntbadman


      i like this i thank you guys should use it here. what do you thank Sejuth?


    2. Sejuth


      Sorry for late reply, please send this to @Robert in a PM, he's in charge of the website/style :)

  8. The store can be found:
  9. Hello @Nicole, welcome to Cheat Automation!
  10. Just wait 5 minutes, and you can sign in again
  11. Hello @Gazalite Glad to hear that you're enjoying your cheat!
  12. No scripts, you can manually adjust the velocity and alt. height of the aimbot. We have data tables in the VIP forums with custom values for most ships
  13. Nothing, you just use this @dante39 account instead of @x51r2 account
  14. Looks interesting, will wait for gameplay though
  15. You purchased the cheat here, but not on @x51r2, its purchased on a different account.