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  1. hi

    Hello @x51r2!
  2. Its safe and full of rainbows because the game doesn't have an anti-cheat.
  3. What do you mean in the background, could you post a screenshot?
  4. Our cheats only work on PC, not on consoles. So no it wont.
  5. Its made for the multiplayer. But I think it works in singleplayer too, not sure, you'll have to wait for someone else to answer that precisely.
  6. No.
  7. Cheat loader doesn't work anymore?

    1. Shako15Master
    2. Sejuth


      Its a bug on our side, I've notified the admins.
      It'll be fixed shortly :)

    3. sheytan


      Thanks for your reply.

  8. wtf is going on with H&G cheat....Iam  really disappointed in CheatAutomations responses to its customers!! Ive lost 2 accounts(banned) an going on 5 days an no answers Lots of pissed off customers,who have also been banned) an no reply from you are going to lose lots of people (me included) if you do not  respond to this issue.!!! Do the right thing NOW!!!

    1. Sejuth


      I'm aware of the situation, but I don't know anything, please send a PM to Robert or Crypt

    2. gunnrunna


      ok man...just did...Thanks for your fast reply

  9. Not in the near future, sorry!
  10. Check your PayPal and see if there's something wrong, if its fine please send a PM to @Robert or wait for him to reply here
  11. The trailer just shows the power of the cheat, which is really powerful as you can see Its not recommended to play like that if you don't want to get banned. ESP is the red boxes in the video, it shows where the enemy is. Using ESP only is the safest way. 92-1 could be fair, but also a cheater, would have had to be there to know for sure. Your English is fine
  12. To add on @Terminator's post; Silent Aim is a visibly hidden aimbot, its the exact same thing but the user doesn't see the snapping to targets. In our The Division cheat we made the Silent Aim, more automated letting the user choose the accuracy and distribution (Head, Neck, Body).
  13. Hello @Mrogers123 welcome to Cheat Automation! We haven't released our Wildlands cheat yet, sorry!