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  1. Requested Games/Cheats

    Destiny 2 isn't going to happen. -"load cheat", log in. -Ban -thank you love always Battle.net.
  2. ark evolved

    this is all pc only. no PS4 or Xbox
  3. WOWs worke !?

    yes it works... and you will need currency to get.
  4. Will WoWS return?

    the Hack is active. Look in the STORE page.
  5. anyone wants hack for Escape from Tarkov?

    i would wait till they come out of Beta and release the game. The are delaying The Hammer each and everytime. Can be misleading for hacks. Would like to see a hack from CA but will wait also.
  6. destiny 2

    Robert Said no in another post.
  7. Requested Games/Cheats

    Escape from Tarkov! Even if its just a ESP like you had for the old ARMA 2 Dayz hack.
  8. i saw that some people think they are using a old and modified version of Battleye. but no know really knows.
  9. this is being posted on most other cheat sites now. just fyi.
  10. I purchased the World of Warships

    go to the world of warships thread and find all your info there. simple.
  11. anyone wants hack for Escape from Tarkov?

    no problem.. jsut trying to help.
  12. anyone wants hack for Escape from Tarkov?

    there is.. but no one really knows what it is or how they are using it. Either the other cheat was crap and not updated on time but it's all detected (aimbot/ESP/ mostly the way it's injected I think). Most people think its from screenshots. The game screen flickers when you used the hack and it was them screen capturing you with all the ESP on. Again, I am not a programer or know code. I am just informing this community so this doesn't happen here. I think #Robert and team can figure it out.
  13. anyone wants hack for Escape from Tarkov?

    not to be a kill joy... been seeing other hack for this game and the Russian's are doing some tricky Anti-hacking going on. Been sadly double dating on hacks and the other hack...is really detected right now. They seem to ban at every Sunday on weekends. but if Robert and Team can figure it out they will. Even if its just ESP. All this game needs is ESP.
  14. Just FYI EFT is in closed Beta now.
  15. WOWS HACK not working anymore

    agree, that will cause that.