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  1. Sollte glaube ich auch gehen wenn ihr unter C:\Users\****USERNAME****\AppData\Local\Temp die saves löscht. Dann denke ich sollte wieder alles standardisiert sein.
  2. The cheats should work, I think it's just the graphics. Try to restart or redownload it.
  3. Indeed. The game will be so bad when it is released, during the beta the game wasn't in a good condition and they can't fix all of this within a month. They should take some more months instead of releasing an unfinished game. It feels like the branch is running like that, releasing in a short period a new unfinished game, then they're patching the shit out of it, after that a load of DLC's comes with season pass on the top. But that's another story...
  4. Yes, you can remove the ESP box. Usually I have this feature disabled, I enabled it just for the showcase. Thank you for the positive feedback guys.
  5. Whacky? This is common sense, which you are missing or you are just whacky. I didn't already sad it, @Robert the new disign looks so dope and is more easy to use.
  6. Hey @peacekeeperV2 and welcome to CA. I use it and it works on every ship. You just need to calibrate the cheat for the ship, you will see this information, after you bought the cheat, in the forum.
  7. Ahoy fellow Captains, I've made a video for World of Warships, I have never done video editing but I hope it's okay. You probably see that I have no clue about cuts and I think some parts of the video are weird. But I think I followed the instructions of this sticky thread in this subforum good and orientated at the video of the main site of the World of Warships cheat. After rendering I saw that everything ingame is german... I don't want to upload that video to youtube, I think it would be soon flagged by wargaming and deleted by youtube. So I uploaded it to dailymotion.
  8. Not sure about a silent aimbot for Bf1 here but as far as I know there is wip of a feature wich randomly changes the body parts you shoot at with the aimbot. Maybe something like silent aim accuracy. I'm cheating in Bf1 with my lifetime sub since the cheats for Bf1 came out, I wasn't banned using them.
  9. Seems like CA is not going to create a cheat for Warframe, the reason is (as shown in this thread ) that the game is too old. Sorry guys.
  10. As far as I can remember does ESP work also inside of vehicles, I didn't tried it in Tanks or Airplanes because I do not own them but I'm pretty sure it works for them also.
  11. Yep, would be nice. I think at the moment (alpha) there is no anticheat. But as far as I know they'll be making thier own anti cheat system. Edit: Whoops, its already on the list. Amazing! But when will the cheats be available? Now in alpha, closed beta, beta or launch?
  12. Oh you're from the Netherlands @Sejuth I love your language. Freedom of speech is the most important thing of a democracy and it can't be that people get sued because they are speaking the truth or list facts. Just because someone might get hurt feelings while someone else is proclaiming his opinion. I didn't knew that with Geert Wilders, I hope also that he wins. Europe will never be what it was. Another mad german leader pulled europe into chaos. And the funny thing is that she'll win the chancellor election next year again, yet saying no criminial refugees, faster deportation because of the campaign.
  13. Of course, I just wrote the South is censoring North Korean websites.
  14. I know that they are blocking/censoring North Korea stuff and porn. But this... All in all I think it's disturbing what rules are created in recent time for the internet. Also here in germany, we have now our own "thought-police" under the minister of justice, they are observing twitter and facebook. And if you are going to write something that falls under hatespeech you'll be soon invited to a court. Maybe it's sounds okay but there is no clear definition where free speech ends and hatespeech starts.
  15. Indeed. But don't you think it's a bit strange to prevent cheating by law? And 5 years or $43000 is pretty harsh for such a "crime", isn't it? In my opinion is this just capitalism, there is a demand and they give the offer. I hope other countries won't follow this south korean example