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  1. Yep, would be nice. I think at the moment (alpha) there is no anticheat. But as far as I know they'll be making thier own anti cheat system. Edit: Whoops, its already on the list. Amazing! But when will the cheats be available? Now in alpha, closed beta, beta or launch?
  2. Oh you're from the Netherlands @Sejuth I love your language. Freedom of speech is the most important thing of a democracy and it can't be that people get sued because they are speaking the truth or list facts. Just because someone might get hurt feelings while someone else is proclaiming his opinion. I didn't knew that with Geert Wilders, I hope also that he wins. Europe will never be what it was. Another mad german leader pulled europe into chaos. And the funny thing is that she'll win the chancellor election next year again, yet saying no criminial refugees, faster deportation because of the campaign.
  3. Of course, I just wrote the South is censoring North Korean websites.
  4. I know that they are blocking/censoring North Korea stuff and porn. But this... All in all I think it's disturbing what rules are created in recent time for the internet. Also here in germany, we have now our own "thought-police" under the minister of justice, they are observing twitter and facebook. And if you are going to write something that falls under hatespeech you'll be soon invited to a court. Maybe it's sounds okay but there is no clear definition where free speech ends and hatespeech starts.
  5. Indeed. But don't you think it's a bit strange to prevent cheating by law? And 5 years or $43000 is pretty harsh for such a "crime", isn't it? In my opinion is this just capitalism, there is a demand and they give the offer. I hope other countries won't follow this south korean example
  6. "The South Korean parliament has passed an amendment to a law on promoting the gaming industry. Based on this law, manufacturing and distributing programs that are not allowed by the game company and its Terms of Service is now directly illegal. That would include aimbotters, hacking programs, scripters, or anything not allowed by the ToS. The punishment? A maximum of 5 years jail time or $43,000 in fines" The whole story: I think this is fucked, I mean it's creating cheats for games. Video games! It's not the Olympic Games! And even E-Sports events have damn strict security measures. Anyways, I just posted this because I thought it might interest someone.
  7. Yeah, I used it in both. It works very good, I try to play as human as possible while I really benefit using the cheats. I would recommend it to you.
  8. Grüße Gemüse Du bist hier aber auch schon lange dabei @ShiTech In welchen Spielen hast du die CA cheats schon benutzt?
  9. I've wrote the same that follows as a review in the store. But I also want to leave this as a testimonial here. I never used any paid hacks and I always thought that these websites, where paid hacks are offered, is just shady and they're scamming thier customers. Recently I was searching around for a free hack for a specific game and finally I came to this website and I never heard of it. At first I was really impressed by the pretty layout and I saw that cheatautomation is offering not just the hack I was searching for - they have various other games which I also play. So I registrated myself even though I was still skeptikal. Then I was digging trough the open forum, I read a lot of testimonials, watched some more videos of the hacks, looked at the community and finally I opened a thread and asked some things still intrested me. The testimonials are good, the community is helping each other and my questions were really fast replied by a forum-moderator. I noticed in other threads that it is normal here that the staff is really fast and efficient. At this point I realized that all my skepticism about cheatautomation was nonsense and I dicided to go hard and buy All-Access VIP Lifetime even though it is expensive. Now, I still have the opinion that I have bought the right thing and I regret nothing. The hacks that I'm using are working great. In long turn I'll safe money because I can use all offered hacks forever. And I personally don't like monthly payments which are discharged from my account. All in all I'm very satisfied. 5/5 - would buy in next life
  10. My mom isn't yelling at me anymore when I must shut down my computer. Hmmmm Cheese... How close? Yeah I'm a special snowflake.
  11. Hey Folks, I found cheatautomation with the help of the powerful google searchalgorithyms while I was searching for a hack. By the way, the site had PageRank #7 and I think that's pretty good. I'm from Germany and I'm old enough to do what I want. I wonder how many other germans are around here... Wer diesen Satz liest und versteht ist der deutschen Sprache mächtig. Seems like CA has to deal with me from now on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Right now it is still Black Friday in America. But you need to hurry it will end in a couple of hours. Look in the announcement section, the first thread. No clue about a cyber monday here.
  13. Under such circumstances I can truly understand that. And as far as I could see it you are very endeavored to keep the support up. That you dont offer lifetime subscriptions for games with a questionable future is so customerfriendly, I didnt thought that. Sorry, you dont have to give me an idea, it feels like I did a really good investment - Lifetime VIP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Hi, I have a couple of questions. Did you ever cancelled the support of games? You have announced some time ago something for Arma but you dont offer something right now for arma. There are a plenty of other games like Bullet Run and Guild Wars 2 where it is the same. So if you have cancelled updates what happens to those who have bought a lifetime licence for that game?