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  1. Now you've said that I've noticed his says "Administrator".. Oh well, Looks like your my new go to man with all my problems.
  2. @Robert.. I know you are a moderator, and your job is to moderate all sorts of things, But people like this "One post wonder" don't deserve your time to respond! If he had trouble finding the software to purchase, I think he would have had a few more "What the fuck's" in the forums.
  3. Reliable, short and informative answer! Cheers dude. wish my wife was this straight
  4. On the cheatautomation home page, there is a picture with "Tiger Launcher", and i am currently using "Panther Launcher" is there any difference?
  5. Question for Admin; Is using "Silent Aim Accuracy" and "SA Distribution" contradicting each other?
  6. Ive always been under the impression that "Smooth amount" should be left untouched @5 This is my set up.
  7. Found this on my travels, Handy little link for you people to bookmark, you may or may not know of this, but this is super handy for me, so thought i'd share to you people. Remapping for control pads.
  8. F1 used to work for me, but Delete works fine, its always been F1 or DELETE though, so if one isnt working, its the other.
  9. Ive given up on this.. with my basic knowledge on this and not even knowing the mapping details of my XboxOneS controller = hopeless times. I have a working mouse rapid fire script, and have tried xmapper/360xc and other programs to remap the LMB to trigger whilst LMB script is active.. with no joy.
  10. I have been using the division hack for the past 2-3weeks, Use SA setting and have them all around 60-70, Obviously head/neck would be the lower of the 3 as a smaller target, you can go unoticed if you play it properly, This hack is useful in DZ as you know where other players are, how far away they are and how many in that group, let them kill you in DZ, dont go on a 30 KS.. Ubisofts cheat detection (to my knowledge) is basic, its the reports that get you booted, and as always, dont be a d*ck, people report d*cks. PM if you want screenies of my Division set up
  11. **ADMIN'S REMOVE IF NOT ALLOWED**.. My ass covered. Im looking for someone with the know how about writing scripts, I have spent the last 4-5hrs playing with old, new.. and even making my own!! I downloaded AutoHotkeyScript, to use along side my Cheatautomation, I want to turn my RT on my XboxOne S controller into a autofire for my deadly Urban MDR. (TheDivision) I have got as far as the autofire working with a mouse using this script; f9::Suspend LButton:: Loop { SetMouseDelay 20 Click If (GetKeyState("LButton","P")=0) Break } But i cant, for the love of god.. play FPS with mouse and Key (YES!! I know its far superior) If anyone can unlock, this working with a wired XboxOne S Controller, i will reward them.
  12. Not sure if you have sorted this already, But using the panther cheatautomation software its here, Under "Misc".
  13. would dedicated servers make it easier for the wizards of Cheatautomation to make a "Aim bot/wall hack"?
  14. So, we all cheat.. thats why we are here, not because we are bad, but because we want more, and quicker.. Impatient i'd say. Anyway, Ive been using the aim bot and wall hack with division, and not too greedy either, just solo PVE, and with SA, (Which is key) but even with these cheats ive had more help.. I had help off one of those people who spam chat in game "Easy complete for a fee, add on skype [email protected]" all i do is follow him, as he one hits everything and instantly too, He even does the objectives in each level, and standing still in one spot, all i do is stand behind him, and pick up the loot he drops for me, he can also fly across the map and run super fast.. I know all this is way above my level of hacking/cheating as im using a pre-made cheat program for dummys, but we all start at the bottom, Basically does anyone know what its called he/she is doing, so i can start researching into a something a little more daring. Ps. id like to know because the bugger is charging me $20 a incursion, or 5 for $100.. any clues, or information on this is greatly welcome'd. Love to you all x