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  1. Just Purchased

    Once again, check in the forums. I am personally having no issues with my cod hack
  2. Just Purchased

    Furthermore, make sure you are using the correct launcher. Using x86 will not help you
  3. Divsion start up

    Hi Charizard, in the future posting this under the division tab will get you much more immediate help. For now make sure to disable your antivirus and any overlay program. If you need anymore help let me know -M
  4. Cod WW2 Hack for Xbox One?

    Woah woah woah, back it up. It is possible to hack Xbox 1 games, it just isn’t reccommended. The same with PS4. Cyber security is my specialty and my partner in “safety” has already done it to his. While we do not offer such services due to a VERY high risk, that does not mean it is impossible and you cannot attempt to do it with a bit of study. In the future, please refrain from misconstruing the facts. -M
  5. Do you have Hack for The Division 1.8

    While I do not have the hack, I have also heard good things from the division community for their hacks
  6. COD WW2, aimbot doesn't work

    Well now it selects the body part. Keep your fov to a decent setting and, I can’t stress this enough, HOLD the button for your aimbot. Otherwise it will just flick kinda instead of holding
  7. Help Buy and Discord

    Message me, we will work something out
  8. Cod WW2 Hack for Xbox One?

    Hi cloudy, i am afraid that there currently are no plans for an Xbox hack, and we have never had console hacks before. I am sorry for this inconvenience but I would like to remind you we are number one for pc gaming. Hope this helps, -M
  9. my country is not listed in your visa debit card list

    If it is at all possible, you could make a paypal and link your card to it. From there you can purchase with PayPal. Otherwise this site has a Chinese reseller for steam cards if you felt like buying one of those and talking to the reseller. Hope this helps
  10. Requested Games/Cheats

    Dead by Daylight http://www.deadbydaylight.com/ it would honestly make more sense to cut Friday the 13th and work on this due to fan popularity. -M
  11. Help Buy and Discord

    Me and ponies are pretty friendly dudes, and I would pay with PayPal for you if I didn’t love our Chinese reseller @yimosecai so much. I also feel that there should be a discord, but it is kinda obvious why there isn’t. -M
  12. Gears of war 4

    That would be correct. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed -M
  13. the division game pad

    Hi dude9, sorry about the slow response time under our private discussion exclusive to subscribers is a tutorial on how to map your hack to controller. Best of luck -M
  14. COD WW2, aimbot doesn't work

    Hi dmoye, it doesn’t shoot at all because it is an aimbot . As for aiming at our buddies across the way, you need to turn your bone index up, and hold the button for your aimbot down. then, send bullets flying like baby birds leaving the nest just how my grandpa did it; by the thousands. -M

    While there is no video (I’m making it and it will be up within the month), I have posted a guide on the call of duty forum and would be more than happy to assist you in any of your setup needs. Happy Headshots -M