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World of Warships Video

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Ahoy fellow Captains,

I've made a video for World of Warships, I have never done video editing but I hope it's okay. You probably see that I have no clue about cuts and I think some parts of the video are weird. :D

But I think I followed the instructions of this sticky thread in this subforum good and orientated at the video of the main site of the World of Warships cheat.

After rendering I saw that everything ingame is german... :rolleyes:

I don't want to upload that video to youtube, I think it would be soon flagged by wargaming and deleted by youtube. So I uploaded it to dailymotion.


Edited by Marbleking

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Awesome video Marbleking, that was great. I liked the intro, and your cutting of the gameplay and music was perfect :) I have added +3 eons to your lifetime subscription for the great video!

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On 10.2.2017 at 10:06 AM, displayname said:

is the red box around the ship can be removed?


Yes, you can remove the ESP box. Usually I have this feature disabled, I enabled it just for the showcase.


Thank you for the positive feedback guys. :)

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