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Game Cheat Status

Get an up-to-date report on the status of our software.
Battlefield 4 Hack
Titanfall Hack
Infestation Hack (WarZ)
Nether Hack
ARMA 2/DayZ Hack
DayZ Standalone Hack

Recent Topics


Titanfall Hack

Mar 26 2014 09:32 PM | Robert in Content

Rank Up Fast, Prestige, and Obliterate your opponents in every match with our powerful Titanfall hack.. Precision Aimbot Boost your accuracy and make every shot count with our prediction aimbot. Configure settings like priority mode, FoV and...

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Titanfall Alpha Hack available for testing

Mar 19 2014 11:42 PM | Robert in Content

CheatAutomation is pleased to announce that our Titanfall Alpha hack is now ready to be tested. This is an early version of our Titanfall hack, as our final version will offer many more features.
The alpha hack is not for sale, it...

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Nether Hack

Jan 06 2014 01:01 AM | Robert in Content

Become an absolute Monster with CheatAutomation's Nether hack When you enable the CheatAutomation Nether hack, your opponents immediately become your prey. Hunt efficiently with full Player and Zombie Esp, 2D Radar, and our exclusive Spy Cam feat...

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Cheat Security

Nov 07 2013 08:42 PM | Robert in Content

p {font-size:14px;} What we do to keep you safe.
At CheatAutomation, our number one priority is our user's safety. There are plenty of game cheats on the web; we want to set ourselves apart by offering safe features and keeping your game acc...

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DayZ/ARMA 2 Hack Overhaul with

Nov 06 2013 08:20 PM | Robert in Content

We've released a full overhaul to our ARMA 2 hack. Not only have we changed the entire presentation and added features to the hack, we've also implemented our 'CheatShield' system into ARMA 2 as well. Read on for the changes.


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