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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Hack Released!

Oct 09 2015 02:15 AM | Robert in Content

Taking our experience developing cheats for the Battlefield series, CheatAutomation is taking on Star Wars with our Battlefront hack ready for the beta! Our cheat gives you a load of features out the gate with our precision aimbot, full ESP features,...

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World of Warships Hack

Jul 17 2015 02:50 AM | Robert in Content

The Nautical Cheat You've been waiting for.
Own the Seas with CheatAutomation's
World of Warships Cheat. Tired of those frenzied multiplayer shooters? Ready to getaway on a weekend cruise on the ocean? Just don't forget to pack C...

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Battlefield Hardline Hack

Mar 19 2015 05:19 PM | Robert in Content

Rise through the ranks, and shut down Cops or Crims with our Battlefield Hardline cheat.. Precision Aimbot With numerous aimbot features from prediction, to deceleration, our bone aimbot gives you the ability to easily take down enemies while...

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Heroes and Generals Hack

Aug 25 2014 10:39 PM | Robert in Content

Power up with the First Ever Heroes & Generals Hack, only from CheatAutomation.. Our Aimbot Lock on to your target and make every bullet count with our aimbot feature. With multiple settings from FOV to aimkey selection, and additional se...

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Titanfall Hack

Mar 26 2014 09:32 PM | Robert in Content

Rank Up Fast, Prestige, and Obliterate your opponents in every match with our powerful Titanfall hack.. Precision Aimbot Boost your accuracy and make every shot count with our prediction aimbot. Configure settings like priority mode, FoV and...

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