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Game Cheat Status

Get an up-to-date report on the status of our software.
Battlefield 4 Hack
Titanfall Hack
Infestation Hack (WarZ)
Nether Hack
Unturned Hack
Heroes & Generals Hack

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All-Access VIP

Want Access to all CheatAutomation products? Our VIP Subscription is your All-Access Pass.

All-Access VIP is an all-in-one subscription that lets you access all the cheats, hacks, and software we support, which includes cheats for ARMA II & DayZ, Battlefield 4, Infestation, and Nether. This includes the hottest new games we support in the future.

VIP Members get the same access and benefits as all subscribers including full forum access, but also may be able to test beta hacks before they  are available for sale to all users.

All-Access VIP Features:
  • Access All CheatAutomation Software
  • All hacks, Including ARMA II DayZ Mod, DayZ Standalone, Battlefield 4, Infestation, and Nether Hacks
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  • Occasional access to beta software before release
  • Complete Forum Access
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