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Hold the ultimate advantage over your opponents as you track their movement at all times with our Battalion 1944 hack. Our full player ESP including 3D boxes, tracelines, head-dots and more let you see exactly where your enemies are, where they’re looking for, and where to aim for a one-shot kill. Win nearly every match you play, rank up faster, and earn war chests even faster to build out your collection of rare weapon skins!

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Revealing 3D Player ESP
Track every opponent at all times with our full list of player ESP features. Including nametags, 3d boxes, tracelines, head-dots and more, these features let you see exactly where the enemy is at all times, so you’ll never be taken by surprise again! Whether you’re sniping and want to line up the perfect shot at head level with head-dot ESP, or want to get a ‘lucky’ shot while the enemy is still hidden by the smoke, our Battalion 1944 ESP makes it dead-simple to win the round.

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Easily hold the top spot on the scoreboards each match as you decimate the enemy round after round. Whether you’re up close and personal with a trench shotgun waiting for an opponent to run down your hallway or setting up a kill-zone with a bolt action, you’ll have the advantage at all times with our revealing ESP features. Be the envy of your team with our Battalion 1944 hack, and carry your squad to victory!

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Our revealing ESP cheat features..

Nametag ESP

See your opponent’s names at all times.

Healthbar ESP

Check how much health the enemy has at a glance.

3D Box ESP

Draw a box around the enemy, making them easy to track.

Traceline ESP

Track where the opposition is looking, making a flank easy.

Head-Dot ESP

This feature adds a point over the enemy’s head. Easy Headshots.

EAC Undetected

Our Battalion 1944 Hack is Undetected by Easy Anti-Cheat

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Hacking in Battalion 1944!

Battalion 1944 is a multiplayer FPS where teams play 5v5 rounds against one-another, attempting to destroy an objective or eliminate their opponents. It’s been called something of a split between the classic Call of Duty games, and Counter-strike series, as teams compete in 5v5 rounds while taking place during WW2.

The game launched in Steam early access to a lot of excitement, with many competitive gamers trying out the title. With its retro feel it holds a somewhat unique position, as most games have moved away from the more traditional FPS style multiplayer gameplay that’s found in Battalion 1944. If you’re a CS: GO fan, you may love it or hate it. The game is still undergoing major changes and development as part of the early access program, so you can buy in early to play now or wait until more of the bugs and complaints have been addressed.

Battalion 1944 Game Logo

If you’ve played Battalion 1944 for any length of time, you may have encountered cheaters in the game. These players may have ungodly aiming skills or seem to always know where you are even if they haven’t seen you. While it can sometimes be possible to confuse high-level skill players with cheating in Battalion 1944, there are indeed hackers in the game. These types of opponents are nearly impossible to beat since the features they’re using let them see your exact position, or lock onto you with their weapon, making it near impossible to miss. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them?

Battalion 1944 Hacks give you a big advantage in the game with additional features that let you see the locations of your enemies, or lock your gun onto them. These hacks are incredibly easy to use, all you have to do is run a program on your PC while the game is running in order to inject the software into the game executable. Then, the cheat features will be active, using the memory in the game to display additional information on your screen or manipulate your aiming.

Free and Paid Battalion 1944 Cheats

You may be looking for free cheats for the game if you aren’t interested in putting down some cash in order to get an in-game advantage. That said, on your hunt for free cheats be sure to avoid downloading any files from file-sharing websites or youtube. These websites are commonly used to distribute fake cheats or even viruses that can infect your PC. Many people who use these platforms don’t like hackers in games and don’t feel bad about infecting your PC with a trojan that could steal your account data. If you have downloaded these kinds of files and they haven’t worked, we recommend scanning your PC to ensure you haven’t been infected.

Battalion 1944 ESP Hack Screnshot

CheatAutomation’s ESP Hack in Action

Another down side of using free Battalion 1944 hacks is that they may be quickly detected. Anti-cheat developers like Easy Anti-cheat can easily go after these free cheats as they are openly available for download online. If you can find them, then these companies who are paid to find them can as well. At that point, all they have to do is load the cheat on their development machines and look for the code that these cheats use in order to function in the game, and they can create signatures which will detect anyone else using the game hack. That means while you didn’t pay anything to cheat in the game, you’ll lose your game account. Cheating software like cheat engine is detected by many anti-cheat companies and can mean an instant ban.

Private cheats are a much safer bet. While you’ll have to buy them, these cheats are not easily available to anti-cheat developers and are frequently updated by the developers to work on new game updates. Private hacks often include more features than the free ones, so you get a better experience with more polished products.

How to Dominate with a Battalion 1944 Hack

We will assume you are using CheatAutomation’s own software. After you load the cheat in the game (following our guide on the forums for subscribers), you’ll see an indicator on the screen that says ‘loaded’ to show the cheat is working. At that point, you can join a multiplayer match, and you’ll have all your cheat features at your disposal.

Battalion 1944 Sniper Screenshot

You can decimate the enemy team with a sniper rifle and cheat put together.

When you first start playing, you’ll want to get a feel for how to play with the ESP. It’s best not to be obvious that you are cheating if you don’t want to get reported. So be sure not to run toward every opponent with a box around them. Play carefully, camp areas, and move forward with your team. Don’t stare at opponents through walls.

To win all your rounds, you will want to use each of the cheat features to your advantage. For instance, with the trace line ESP to see which direction an opponent is looking. If they are watching an area you’re about to go into, consider holding back. Any time your opponent sees you around the same time as you, you’re more likely to lose such an engagement. It’s best to always have the advantage on the enemy, so if you can flank them you’re almost certain to get a few kills. Using the trace line ESP you can stay out of the opponent’s view, get around behind them, and get an easy kill.

Head-Dot ESP will also give you a big advantage in multiplayer if used correctly. With this feature, you can see exactly where an opponent’s head is, even through smoke or something else that obscures your view. This means if you are camping a door or other area you can adjust your aim when you see the opponent’s ESP to ensure your crosshair will be at their head level when they walk into your view. In this way, you can get an easier kill than if you were to hit their chest or another area of their body.

If you are sniping with the help of our Battalion 1944 hack you should easily dominate your opponents. For one, you can use the ESP to avoid being flanked. Check around you once in a while to ensure the opponents aren’t moving around behind you. If you’re watching a specific area, use the ESP to prepare for the opponent to walk into your crosshairs so you can improve your reaction time. If an enemy is using a smoke grenade to hide their movement, you can take a ‘lucky’ shot and eliminate them, since you will be able to see where they are in the smoke. Just be careful to miss a few shots on occasion so people don’t begin to suspect you. It can be harder to cheat while looking ‘legit’ than cheating obviously.

If any of this sounds good to you, you can download CheatAutomation’s hacks for Battalion 1944 by creating an account at the link below. Happy cheating!

The details


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7


  • Undetected by Easy Anti-Cheat

Hardware Locking

  • Locks to 1 Computer
  • 6 Unlocks per month


  • $14.88 USD Monthly
  • $29.88 USD Quarterly