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    大声笑,我在用什么?我在哪里,我是谁....哦,不,你太好笑了 相信我,我一直在使用(CA)2年
  2. Rules of Survival ApK

    no,just for ros pc
  3. 很高兴你能来CA,中文服务器完全没问题,绝对不是那些30,50块钱能比的,到现在没有一个封号记录,超级稳定,paypal现在出问题,你可以联系经销商@yimosecai https://cheatautomation.com/forums/topic/5273-ca辅助淘宝中国唯一代理:轩轩工作室/ 欢迎加入CA

    You can buy a trial products,I promise you will love CA.
  5. About ROS Hack

    ros have pc version, only applies to the version pc
  6. Rules of Survival

    https://cheatautomation.com/forums/store/category/32-cheats/ There are 48 hours Trial product, if you don't have paypal, you can contact the dealer. Or do you want to get it for free? Efforts to make money!!
  7. How To Use The Cheat ??

    First, go to this website to download CA cheat. https://cheatautomation.com/forums/topic/11-download-the-cheatautomation-launcher-englishpolishdutchgermanfrench-updated-11042017/ Second,Turn off your security software or fully trust the CA.(Add CA to the white list) Third,Whether your system is 64 or 86, you need to choose A86 hack to start.(Start CA cheat as administrator) Fourth,Open rosPC client, log in to the lobby interface. At last ,You can inject the hack.(Choose Chinese server or European server) And,have a good time
  8. Connection to server failed

    Where are you from? I mean, you should follow the advice of the administrator and use VPN
  9. Buy Hack Rules

    What do you mean,? how much a month? ROS is $ 14.88 a month
  10. What can I do??

    ros is a mobile game, but it has a computer version, the hack is for the computer version, can u understand it?
  11. If you can bring benefits to the cheatautomation forum, I am glad to see you become an agent
  12. Xbox One Stream

    Only on PC Our hacks do not supported on any other platforms, and do not work on Xbox 360s, PS3s or other gaming consoles. We do not support linux or OSX. If you want to run our hacks on an Apple computer, use bootcamp to install windows for the best experience.
  13. 한국인 좀 도와줘라

  14. 한국인 좀 도와줘라

    파일은 관리자 권한 실행 하세요.또 테두리 없음 전체 화면을 선택하세요. 근데 무슨 케임의 헤키 문제을 나왔어요?
  15. Requested Games/Cheats

    This is a very good game. Game name: Crossout Official Website: https://crossout.net/en#/
  16. we need FOR HONOR HACK.

    Security and safety first.
  17. VIP

    Hello, what are the great advantages of All-Access VIP Lifetime? What is it different from All-Access VIP(1Month)In addition to the time. By the way "Miscreated Hack" will research and development?
  18. VIP

    Thank you, May i ask you the All-Access VIP Lifetime account security? By the way, Can i log in to both computers with one account at the same time? if i can't. How many computers can an account replace up to several computers a month?
  19. Is there a League of Legends hacke ? Can I choose a language?Such as Chinese