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  1. rules of survival

    We've updated the cheat for RoS now, please try again!
  2. How long does it take to check a payment?

    Sometimes it can take a while, if you haven't gotten VIP within 2 hours, please message Robert.
  3. Launcher pass

    The .zip password is cheatautomation - It also says that in the Cheat Launcher guide.
  4. Please wait, once Robert is here again he will sort out these issues. If you haven't received your subscription, then please send the Paypal transaction-id to Robert so that he can verify the payment.
  5. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam OPEN BETA

    Yes, we will support this game - not sure when we will make the cheat available though.
  6. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Hack

    You can if you purchase a subscription.
  7. You may experience some issues logging in, we're doing some server maintenance on the cheat server! EDIT: Server maintenance is now over. Enjoy!
  8. Sounds odd, you can try to message Robert about this.
  9. Gears of War 4 hack.

    Thank you for the review. Smooth aiming will be added tomorrow!
  10. Paladins !

    I am pretty sure we will support this game.
  11. Battlefield 1 Beta Aimbot, Again!

    Damn Robert, back at it again with the aimbots!
  12. Battlefield 1 Hack

    You buy 3 months, so you have 1 month when the game is released. That means you can play the Open Beta, and 1 month of the release with our cheat.
  13. A Return of Greatness!

    Hey UAV! Glad to see you're back, we've been trying to get in contact with you. Last time I spoke to you, you said you were heading on a journey.
  14. Evolve 2 and hack customization

    Yes, you can limit toggle on and off, and do whatever you want with it!