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  1. Hey buddy, do you know if they are going to continue to support WOWs hack ? If not, is there any other place that CA works with that offers this same or similar program that we can purchase ? Rebel Girl does not seem to be answering my ticket so far. I tried sending you a PM but it says you can not accept PMs.  Hope all is going well for you.

    Tnx Dakota

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    2. Judas


      Hello Dakota, I have no idea is Sejuth still alive or working on CheatAutomation. No one seems to update cheats any more, no one is updating forums, no one seems to care about enything... Its really sad, but what can we do about it? 

    3. Dakota75th


      Hi Judas,

      Yeh, I think Sejuth has quit his work here. Very sad to hear this place has been left unupdated. I liked it here a lot..good people. I have no idea where to go from here. If someone finds a good place like here..please let me know.

    4. Toten


      It appears this service is "officially" dead...so sad.  RIP

  2. Hey Sejuth,

    Hi, had a message sir as an attachment. Thank you.


    1. sathya321


      yea the hack is down at the moment. im waiting for a reply too from the admins

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