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  1. Could somebody PLEASE post the official settings for the Stalingrad? I saw 1 post for  52  /  0.5  but that was just 1 members personal use. I never saw any "official" settings, which surprises me,  based upon how many people have and use, the Stali. The main page chart also has the Stalingrad listed but the settings are left blank.

    Thank you for any updated info.



  2. 14 hours ago, essexjohn said:

    most USA DD's will work with 35-38 velocity and altitude .75 start with that and adjust velocity as needed

    Yes thank you, I was hoping perhaps someone had found a more specific setting for the Somers but thank you very much for your reply sir!

  3. Confirming the hack has a point that shows us where to fire and...am I correct in understanding that it shows us the location of all the enemy ships? Additionally, is this hack updated to work every time WG has a patch/update? I ask because they do a lot of them it seems. Also, do I need to be really computer literate to get the hack to work or is it fairly straightforward? Thanks for your help.


    BTW- have you EVER had a hack detection by W.O. Warships?

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