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  1. Hey guys, its been a busy week but i did a nice withdrawel today just to get some money in the box. :D


    As you can tell from the pictures it amounted to 843.56 $ for merely 2 weeks of mining, thats pretty awesome. Now i could choose to keep this bitcoin in my wallet or simply cash-out, i will decide later depending on the Bitcoin price.















    Again any questions with mining at all, dont hesitate to contact me, it doesnt have to be specific to my mining operation but if you are thinking of what do to do and where do i go, just ask here or grab hold of me. :)




  2. So a quick update on the Hashflare mining:

    We saw a dip in the Bitcoin price which of course had an impact on the revenue mined. Still the Bitcoin keeps on rolling in and here are the status of today:

    O.0422951 BTC worth around 569 $ mined in around 15 days, pretty good i would say :)

    The predictions for 2018 is that the Bitcoin will keep the upward trend which is really good news for us since our mining profit will be even higher.




  3. Hey guys,


    With the Bitcoin price going up it is actually very profitable to mine Bitcoin and there are several ways to doing this. If you are new to mining i will try to explain and share my experiences with mining.


    So there are several ways to get started:


    1. You can buy your own miner like the S9 Antminer and set it to mine all day long, but it will cost you a lot of Watt power at home and depending on where you live and how much you pay for electricity the profit might not be so big

    2. You can sign up with a mining company, but be careful there have been and still are some scam companies out there which will take your money and run.

    3. You can buy and sell crypto-currency but there are ofcourse the risks involved when prices go up and down, so if you are not into gambling, then dont go that way. :)


    I have been doing this for a while and i have lost money trading crypto-currency and i have earned money and so far i am settling on the passive income setup, aka mining bitcoins.

    My strategy is to mine Bitcoins, withdraw them and hold on to them until i feel like its time to sell them. The trend is that we will see a increase in Bitcoin value in 2018. Currently 16.500.000 btc have been mined out of the 21.000.000 which is the total amount of BTC.


    So now it's the time to think ahead and plan for the future.!!


    I will share my setup and how it has been working out so far for me.

    First of all i am only signed up with the two mining companies which i believe will stay in the game for the long run, and that is Hashflare (Removed Affiliate Link) & Genesis mining (https://www.genesis-mining.com Removed Affiliate Code)

    So i am currently mining with Hashflare and i will show you my current earnings:




    As you can see i am getting 32.29 USD a day from mining. This will pay out in BTC (Bitcoin) so if the price of BTC goes up i will earn more. If price goes down i will earn less, but since im holding on to my BTC im not too worried cause i will sell them 1/2 year from now.


    These mining contracts are time limited to 1 year and you can start for as little as 10 $. 

    You can calculate how much you will earn by using the mining calculater here:



    Explanation of use:

    Hashrate: depends how much you invest

    Power & power cost: set to 0 since you are not paying for the power

    Pool fees: set to around 20% which is what the maintance fee is at Hashflare

    Hardware cost: here you put in your investment, lets say 500$

    press calculate, and you will see that you will have earned your money back in about 70 days, so the remaining 290 days will be pure profit.



    So maybe you are thinking, but how do i get paid?


    Well on the Hashflare website your BTC will accumulate and when you have a certain amount you withdraw to a wallet, and that could be Exodus wallet (https://www.exodus.io/) or a hardware wallet like the ledger nano s (https://www.ledgerwallet.com/products/ledger-nano-s)

    This way your BTC will be safe in your wallet for you to sell when you want to.


    So what do you need to get started:

    1. sign up with Hashflare for free, feel free to use my ref link that way we both benefit: (Admin Edit: No Referral Links)

    2. Invest in some Hashpower and start mining.

    3. get a BTC wallet like Exodus og the ledger nano s


    If you have any questions to any of this i would be more than happy to help you out so just ask away :)

  4. Hey all,

    since Warpack is detected at the moment even if you just start up the game with warpack and not using it, what is the status with your cheat solution?

    I know there is no guarantees but is it not the same mechanics that are used in both cheat solutions?

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