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  1. Hi  so here go when I get into World of Warships through my PC on my desktop not Steam the launcher is not starting up I did the update and it's still not working can you help me with this please thank you like I said  I do not use steam at all I use my desktop for the World of Warships so when I go to fire the launcher up it goes to it and its seem like it want's to run and its just stop running I never had this problem before since they did the update for the World of Warships I know every time World warships didn't update you guys are right on top of it and fixing that problem. and all so Robert   I really don't want to go to steam and how would I get all my ships into world of warships that I got on my pc and I did looked it up and you cannot move World of Warships to steam from your PC or any of your content so by saying that  I hope you really can help me out with this I know I've been a member on your site for a while now so thank you again Ed as MxsRidernh

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      it literally says steam version only


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