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    Ok thanks for the input.

    You are not showing as a subscriber.
  3. Paypal deleted?

    Paypal has blocked almost all the hack/cheat sites from doing business with them.
  4. Seller

    Something like google wallet would probably work.
  5. Seller

    You pay them by paypal they confirm it with site admins then they grant you vip access. But their are issues going on with people not getting their subscriptions.
  6. wtf

    It is not just CA that has had the paypal issue. Almost all the cheat/hack sites have been blocked barred by paypal . They are all having to work out new ways of receiving payment issuing vip etc.
  7. Payment Issues?

    It appears paypal has stopped supporting CA and several other cheat/hack sites. And while some have now got alternative methods of paying up and working others are struggling for a working solution.
  8. Doesn’t work

    Have you bought the subscription?
  9. Seller

    Totally agree dont know why they dont just set up an account with google wallet paysafe or any other well regarded online payment service rather than relying on 3rd party sellers or dubious russian and chinese pay sites.
  10. hacks

    Buy the subscription from the store.
  11. Why PayPal doesn’t work

    It is not just CA having issues with paypal. Other cheatsites have also lost access to paypal.
  12. Buy cheat Webmoney

    I would hold off buying till the paypal issue is sorted.
  13. CheatAutomation Paypal problem

    Nothing changed and my subscription finished today so cancelled my paypal subscription till this is fixed.