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    TheOldOne reacted to RebelGirl in Report Bugs / Request Features Here   
    The cheat is now updated 🙂
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    TheOldOne reacted to RebelGirl in Report Bugs / Request Features Here   
    You can learn more about the console here: Cheat Menu Console Commands | CheatAutomation Private Cheats
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    TheOldOne reacted to RebelGirl in Report Bugs / Game Updates / Request Features Here!   
    Feel free to report any bugs, request features you'd like to see added, or let us know if the cheat is no longer working after a game update.
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    TheOldOne reacted to RebelGirl in Warframe Cheat Guide   
    If you haven't already, download the cheat launcher here:
    You can follow this guide for how to use the launcher if you have any problems:

    How To Load The Cheat
    Start the game and reach the login screen or later. Load the cheat from the launcher (Launcher must be run as an administrator) Use Delete or F4 to open/close the menu The menu and options can be configured with the mouse. If you have issues seeing the cheat in game, set the game to in windowed/borderless windowed mode.  
    Enabling/Configuring Some Features Via Console
    Some features can only be toggled or configured via the cheat menu console. You can use the following commands:
    Weapon.DmgMult - Use this to multiply your weapon or operator damage. Specify the number after the command, like Weapon.DmgMult 2
    Weapon.CritMult - Set your crit chance. Like Weapon.CritMulti 50 for 50% crit chance.
    Weapon.InfAmmo - Give yourself unlimited ammo. Set to true or false, like Weapon.InfAmmo true
    For more console commands, see: https://cheatautomation.com/console
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    TheOldOne reacted to RebelGirl in Cheat Launcher Download (READ TOPIC FULLY!)   
    Download the cheat launcher below!
    The cheat launcher allows you to load any cheats you have a subscription for.
    Click below to download the launcher in a .zip folder. Open the .zip file and drag the launcher .executable to a new folder. You will be prompted to enter a password. The password is: ca When the client has been extracted, you can right click it and run it as an administrator. Enter your username/password to log in. Note: A config file will be created in the same folder as the launcher which saves your username and password. Continue to the other forums to follow your specific cheat guide! Cheat Launcher Download: Click Here
    PASSWORD NEEDED to extract the launcher: ca
    Troubleshooting - If The Download Does Not Work:
    Either your anti-virus/firewall is blocking you from downloading the launcher zip file, or your web browser is. You should disable your anti-virus/firewall temporarily at least until you have downloaded the client. Keep in mind, anti-virus could include windows security which is included on most PCs by default. You could also try a different web browser in case the web browser is blocking the download.
    Once you have successfully downloaded the client, if your anti-virus/firewall is causing an issue you can typically add 'exceptions' for particular folders or programs so the antivirus does not interfere with it.
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    TheOldOne reacted to yimosecai in 【Reseller】中国总经销商Purchase VIP with Paypal!!!【Automatic Payment System】Limited-time discount   
    Yes, you can buy it now, I created a new automated store and can get some discounts now.
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    TheOldOne reacted to yimosecai in 【Reseller】中国总经销商Purchase VIP with Paypal!!!【Automatic Payment System】Limited-time discount   
    Hi, I am yimosecai, CheatAutomation Official Reseller!

     Please click on the store link above to purchase
    You can purchase licenses automatically and quickly
    Status: Online ------ my online time is all day {UTC + 8 AM10 ----- PM22}
    Available keys: 1 month    
    Price:25 $ / 1month
    Payment Type :paypal,,BTC
    Contact :Skype:dengyunxuan
    ↓↓↓↓↓↓How to use the discount code↓↓↓↓↓↓


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    TheOldOne reacted to Sejuth in Pay with Payssion(Banks* & Bitcoin) and Skrill(Credit Card) [RESELLER]   
    I have 2 payment methods available; Payssion(Banks* & Bitcoin) and Skrill(Credit Card).
    Private Message: https://cheatautomation.com/forums/messenger/compose/?to=25376
    Live chat: http://prodefai.com/ (I can give support through the live chat)

    Please order through my website; Prodefai Store – Cheat Subscription Reseller (use your own email as the keys will be sent to your email).
    For Skrill, please private message me or send a message to the live chat.

    Price: 1 month: 20 EUR (~23 USD)
    *supported: 7-eleven, Affin Bank, Alfa-Click, Alfamart, Almacenes Exito, Am online, ATM, Banamex, Banco de Chile, Bancodobrasil, Bancomer, Boleto, Bradesco, Caixa, Cash Yandex.Money, CIMB Clicks, Davivienda, Doku, Dotpay, Dragonpay, E-banking, Efecty, epay, Faktura, Globe Gcash, Hong Leong, HSBC, Itau, Maybank2u, Moneta, omise, OXXO, Pago Fácil, Promsvyazbank, PSE, QIWI Wallet, Rapi Pago, Red Link, Redpagos, RHB Now, Santander, Santander, Santander Rio, Sberbank, Trustpay, Unionpay, Webcash, Webmoney, Yandex.Money supported.
    Not supported: Alipay, Bancontact/Mistercash, Bank Card (Yandex.Money), eNets, EPS, Giropay, iDeal, Multibanco, Onecard, P24, Payu, Sofort, Tenpay.
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    TheOldOne reacted to Rhino5 in Pay with Payssion(Banks* & Bitcoin) and Skrill(Credit Card) [RESELLER]   
    Super fast and I trust this guy! can get back to hacking away. 
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    TheOldOne got a reaction from Sejuth in CheatAutomation Paypal problem   
    Well I'm getting off for the night. I hope we have something when I get back on tomorrow.
    All we can do is wait.
    Good night my friend
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