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Planetside 2 Aimbot & Features Added

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We've released a big update for our Planetside 2 hack that adds a ton of new features that you dominate the battlefield like never before. This is the hack for you if you need to farm certs, want to boost your k/d ratio or exploit the game. If you're in a clan and want to look legit, many of our features can also be used under the radar without drawing unwanted attention.

New Features:

Aimbot Feature

Lock on to enemy infantry and make every shot count. Our aimbot lets you win just about any engagement against other infantry players. Customize your aim key, fov, and mode of aiming


The speedhack allows you to get anywhere quickly, as is particularly useful as an infiltrator for moving quickly when cloaked. If you have a particularly long run to your objective the speedhack can save a ton of time.

No Clip

The perfect hack for exploiting, no clip lets you go under the ground, through solid objects and shields. Even better, you can shoot up through the ground at you opponents, making this a perfect feature for farming certs at a sunderer or taking out enemy vehicles and assets without them even seeing you. Even better, no clip can be used to get into otherwise secure bases where you can wreck havoc.

No Recoil & No Spread

Make your weapons super effective, by removing weapon recoil and bullet spread with these hacks. You'll be able to cut down enemy infantry at long range with fully automatic weapons, and get a big advantage in any firefight.

Fast Reloading [CheatAutomation Exclusive]

This hack makes your gun reload almost instantly, so you'll never have to worry about reloading in the middle of a gun fight. This hack is extremely effective with any 1-shot-per-reload weapon like rocket launchers. With this hack you are able to fire 5 rockets in just 2 or 3 seconds.

Increased Rate of Fire (Faster Firing) [CheatAutomation Exclusive]

Hack you weapon's firing speed with increased rate of fire. This hack lets you put more bullets into your enemies faster, allowing you to boost your DPS significantly. This hack gives you a huge advantage in any combat and pairs perfectly with Fast Reloading, letting you dump more bullets into your opponents and reloading immediately.

Teleport to Waypoint

Get into the perfect position in any battle with Teleport to Waypoint. This hack lets you set your waypoint in game and travel there instantly. Use this hack to get to the perfect sniping spot, behind the enemy lines, or inside an enemy base.

Teleport to Enemy

One of the most powerful hacks, teleport to enemy will teleport you right to an enemy player so you can dispatch them. This hack is perfect for farming kills, taking down enemy hackers, or taking down an enemy sniper camping you from a distance.


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