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not a really fair site

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I dont love to complain but honnestly, when you make advertising about 15 games that work with your client and in reality some are no more handled ... 

I paid 25$ to have wallhack/esp in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

I download the client, go on games list and guess what ? No RS2 Vietnam...

thats low dudes. I paid for a useless hack

just delete those old pages 


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We are not yet deleting them as we are still working to bring them back. However, in regards to your purchase, I would have to point out that we have an active hack detector that shows you which hacks are currently down to prevent just this sort of thing from occurring. It is always recommended to thoroughly inspect a website prior to purchase for any possible updates that may have held a hack off.


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thanks for the answer.

English is not my native language so I did not read all the site.

But its done so... 

I hope to see one day that this game will get back in the list of your client !

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