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Veteran Hacker Review of this Service

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Good day, this wont be like other testimonials. I'm not going to spout compliments to gain favor, I have no illusions that any benefit would come of such. I intend to remain as honest and unbiased as possible.

For reference I'd like to share a little about my expirience in online game hacking. I have been playing first person shooters since the mid 90s, when unreal tournament and quake 2 and maybe even cs original had started coming out.

You would be sick if I told you how many different kinds of public/private hacks I have purchased and tried.

*Grin* I have more bans than I care to even mention; I bought so many keys for so many games.

I've encountered complicated menus and hacks, and overly simple ones for alot of games over the years. Even ones that destroy my frames.

This hack is intuitive and well structured. Simple to use and very easy to install.

I have used multiple script bypass'(from diff. hack providers) and tried almost every script available to date. It was pretty pathetic how I couldn't even get into half the servers out there.

My legitimate cd-keys got banned within a couple days on these sites. I thought It might be smart to find cheap cd keys, which are all stolen via youtube mostly, those ended up getting banned within 1-3 days.

After deciding to buy lifetime cd-keys from "stealers" I was at my wits end. What a nightmare that was, I still remember the hours I'd spend every day waiting for them to get online or respond.

Ultimately it was a terrible experience for trying to gain a little advantage for DAYZ.

After looking around for quite some time I finally found these guys, roughly a month ago. I am still using that same legitimate cd-key I bought last month. Pretty good considering I abuse all the high-risk features practically non-stop. I have even been stuck through 5 Battleeye updates with the hack loaded, amazingly no bans. Therefore It would be unfair to not state how reliable this service has been for me.

After taking an interest in forums and even asking a couple questions myself over the past weeks I was shocked to see how quickly and honestly the moderators responded.

Unlike the multitude of other ESPs that I have used there is an amazing amount of costumization included to tailor to anyone's OCD hacking needs. I still can't believe I get no performance hit on my shitty PC.

Ultimately this hack is so good I ended up recommending it to two of my friends that are now safely using it, quite contendedly might I add. For them, losing their cd-keys matters alot; thus in their point of view and mine this service is definately worth every dollar.

We would like to thank your team for the great work, for the continued upgrades and features you are kind enough to discuss with us... so if anyone is out there looking for the best dayz hack, assuage your doubts, your search is over.

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