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Video Advice + Tips + CheatAutomation Resources

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Here are some tips if you are making a video for us:

  • Use a mask/other layer to hide your profile name if it matters to you and happens to appear in any footage (You can also just cut delete any footage with your name in it, like your gear window)
  • You can change your profile name on the main menu of ARMA 2 for video recording if you wish.
  • Add a watermark to your video with the name of the site, to make it harder for others to steal your video to promote other hacks or fake/infected hacks.
  • When uploading to youtube, you may want to include "DayZ" and the words "Hack" or "Cheat" in the title so people searching may find it
  • Add a description and tag your video so Youtube will rank your video higher for keywords related to dayz hacking/cheating

What Recording software to use?

We suggest Bandicam (Free version with watermark), Fraps, or DXTory for recording the game and hack. (Crypt's guide for DXTory) (You can get all of this software 'freely' if you know where to look)

What Video Editing software to use?

For basic users just getting started, we recommend Windows Movie Maker. For somewhat advanced users, or someone looking for a bit of a challenge, check out Sony Vegas. For the most advanced users, Adobe After Effects is the cherry on top of the cake.

How should I render my video for uploading to youtube?

There are tons of guides out there with rendering settings for each video editor to export a video for youtube. I recommend you do a quick google search like Sony Vegas Render Settings Windows Movie Maker Render Settings

What should I do when uploading my video?

Add a title with descriptive keywords like 'DayZ', 'Hack' or 'Cheat'. Add a description and tags. Then after your video has uploaded, make a topic in this sub-forum and add your video like this:


CheatAutomation Video Resources!

Here's a video intro you can use if you like Intro

Want to add a watermark to your video? You can use this image or just some regular text.

If there are other video resources you would like, let us know and we'll see what we can do!

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