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Battlefield Hardline Beta Hack Released

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We're happy to release a beta version of our Battlefield Hardline hack for all current All-Access VIP, and Battlefield 4 hack subscribers. Though there are only a few days of beta left, this gives you an idea of what we'll be offering on release day when the game is out.

Features currently have parity with our Battlefield 4 hack:

  • Simple to Run and Setup
  • Precision Bone Aimbot
  • Aimbot options include customizing Aimkey, FOV, Mode and others.
  • Full ESP: Nametags, Boxtags, Distance, Health, Bones and more!
  • Auto-Spotting shows in-game tags on all enemies on the map and in 3D
  • 2D Player Radar Overlay
  • Easy-to-use Menu
  • Dedicated Cheat Launcher
  • Undetected and Punkbuster & Fairfight Screenshot Proof
  • And More..




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wtf! You just released totally new cheat to totally new game in less than a month but you cant make DayZ cheat in half of a year.

If you can find a DayZ cheat that is safe let me know cause at the moment any hackers you find in that game I can assure you will have their keys banned a few days later. So if you have the $ to buy new keys for the mod or enough to buy the standalone over and over then go find a unsafe hack to do it on. But CA staff are not gonna release a very high risk cheat to it's community. Only the other day on DayZ standalone a hacker made me eat and bandage myself so he could knock me out. Also believe there was a teleport cheat and flying too but that barely lasted a few days till the dayz dev team released a patch to stop it.

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