How To Dominate In Destiny 2 PVP With Cheats

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Hack

Want to top the scoreboards and be the MVP of your team in every crucible match you play? That’s reality when using game-changing cheats in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

If you’ve ever faced other players who seemed to know where you were at all times, or were taking you out coming around a corner in a shot or two, they might have been using cheats in the game to give themselves a big advantage. It’s possible for anyone to get on that level and beat their opponents, even if other players are lagging around the map, exploiting or glitching.

Complete your crucible missions and bounties easily, and earn rep fast in Destiny 2’s PVP. See this video of Guardian Sensei’s ESP Hack in PVP modes:

Destiny 2 Wallhacks

The most popular PVP cheat are ESP cheats or wallhacks. These let you see exactly where other players are at all times, so you can be waiting around a corner with your super ready, or melee weapon out, ready to strike. When you have full map awareness, you can more effectively play around your weapon’s range and always stay in an advantageous position. In objective based modes, that can mean that you wait for opposing players to leave a objective undefended to take it, or you flank around behind the enemy and take them by surprise.

ESP features in Shadowkeep include boxes drawn around players, nametags that show you exactly who a player is even if you can’t see them, to health bars, tracelines and more. These features can be configured and enabled or disabled, depending on how much information you want on your screen. For instance, if you’re up against a cheater, you might want name ESP so you know where they are on the map at all times, and can respond accordingly.

Aimbotting In D2: Shadowkeep

This is probably one of the most obvious cheats you will see people using in Destiny. When using an aimbot, you can lock on to an opponent faster than any human can accurately aim, and immediately be hitting them and eliminating them before they have a chance to respond. Aimbots can be configured to aim at different areas of an opponent, so you might be taking out your opposition with headshots to eliminate them quickly, or going for body shots which are less likely to be suspicious.

Want to aimbot in Destiny 2 non-stop without getting caught?

  1. Avoid modes where other players can spectate your screen. This way no one can really be certain that you’re cheating.
  2. Don’t just headshot people non-stop, eventually other players will get suspicious if they’re getting killed by you over and over with headshots.
  3. Don’t pre-fire or appear to always know where opponents are. If you’re always aiming and shooting at them the second they come around a corner, they’ll figure out that you have some kind of wallhack.
  4. Adjust your aimbot settings. For more legitimate looking gameplay, use a small FOV so you aim at an opponent before you activate your aimbot. Use settings like smoothing to make your aiming appear legitimate.
  5. Sometimes you need to die. If you really want to avoid being labeled a cheater, make sure you don’t have a perfect record by the end of the match. It’s pretty unlikely that most legitimate players can survive an entire match without going down once.