How To: Purchase Cheats With Bitcoin

See How Easy It Is To Setup A Wallet & Get Your First Bitcoin!

Everything You Need To Know To Start Using Bitcoin & Purchase Your Cheat!

Bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to purchase cheat access at CheatAutomation. If you aren't familiar with cryptocurrency, it's not as difficult as you might think to purchase cryptocurrency to use, and you can use common payment methods like Paypal, Credit Cards, or even bank transfers to purchase Bitcoin. Once you have your wallet created and have some Bitcoin, the purchase process is as simple as scanning a QR code with your Bitcoin wallet!

Bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to pay for software or services online, and is quickly gaining popularity. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet you can purchase your cheats easily at CheatAutomation through our Coinbase checkout and quickly get access to your cheat download!

Step 1. Create Your Bitcoin Wallet

We recommend creating a wallet at Coinbase. It's easy to download and set-up and works as an app on your phone.

You can follow the instructions on Coinbase's site to download your wallet and set it up. Once you have your wallet setup, you'll have a unique Bitcoin address which you can use to receive funds to the wallet.

Coinbase also allows users in some countries to purchase Bitcoin directly through their app, but you can also use the next website we recommend.

Step 2. Purchasing Bitcoin

Now that you have your wallet, you'll want to add some Bitcoin to it.

There are a number of different services you can use to purchase Bitcoin depending on your Country and desired payment method. We recommend as they list the best services. Choose your preferred payment method.

If you have trouble finding a good option that works for you, see if there are other Bitcoin purchasing options that work for you. For the USA: Coinbase, Canada: Bitbuy, UK:, Europe: 11 Exchanges.

Step 3. Purchase Your Cheat!

Now that you have bitcoin ready to go in your wallet, you can purchase any of our cheats in our store!

Choose the cheat subscription you want from our store and proceed to the checkout.

Select 'Coinbase' as the payment method and proceed.

If you are using the Coinbase wallet you can select 'Pay with Coinbase', or alternatively use the 'Bitcoin' option.

When paying with bitcoin, click to show the QR code and scan it with your wallet to make the transaction!

Step 4. Get Your Cheats!

Once you have paid with Bitcoin you just have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed. Since all bitcoin transactions have to be sent through the network, there will be some delay until we can confirm your payment. This may take 20 minutes, up to a few hours.

When the system has confirmed the transaction, your purchase will automatically be added and you will be able to view all areas of our forum and download our cheat launcher!

If you have any questions or issues regarding payment, open a support ticket with us. We're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin's value has been steadily increasing every year, to the point that if you had purchased bitcoin many years ago it might be worth thousands of dollars. We recommend getting some bitcoin for making purchases online as well as holding some for the future.


Do I have to verify my identity when purchasing Bitcoin?

To prevent fraud, most companies that let you purchase Bitcoin will require some verification of your identity, usually by sending a picture of your ID.

The process is typically very quick and easy.


Can I purchase from you with another payment method?

We offer some other payment methods, but recommend Bitcoin for ease of payment.

You can also purchase from one of our resellers but they may charge more for a purchase.


How long will I have to wait after purchasing?

Depending on how many transactions are being made in the bitcoin network this will affect how long it takes for your transaction to be confirmed. After purchasing, Coinbase will refresh and continue to check on the status of your transaction, and let you know when it has completed!


Any more questions? Open a support ticket with us!

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