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Found 15 results

  1. Heroes and Generals

    is there any active Heroes and Generals hacks out there? I can't seem to find any..
  2. Heroes and Generals

    So now that Heroes and Generals has battleye support is the hack finished?
  3. heroes & generals

    hi heroes and generals hack undetected??? no ban ?
  4. H&G cheat down?

    http://cheatautomation.com/heroes-generals-hack/ down ? :-/
  5. What is the catch ... when you turn the reader into a fight, aim, works only, and odd runs, throws sight in all directions, read the menu is not called (Delete or F1). I tried to turn off all programs, antivirus, so cut off all that hurt, now in disarray - if there is a menu at all as shown in the video, and some general functionality? ---- I pumped a few times with "LauncherDovnloader" loader, it is downloaded constantly with different name, my actions could somehow work to cheat? He read a lot of those on your forum, with regards to the work and the reader software, and so on ... the answer to my problem found ...
  6. Hey, do i have to disable patchguard? and at h&g i can set the hitbox head? hehe
  7. H&G vehicle ESP

    Does ESP work inside vehicles? Or at least show enemy vehicles?
  8. For some reason it seems after the new heroes and generals update the client crashes every time i attempt to enable to the hack. the update is Devyatayev – Squad Update is here introducing New Squad System, T-20 Komsomolets and more Not sure as to why this happens but i do believe this hack is in need of an update.
  9. H&G hack

    Hi, ppl! Recently bought a hack for Heroes and Generals. I was very nervous before buying cause i was afraid of fraud. But after purchasing all my fears gone away. Cheat is working and undetectable by anticheat system. All cheats work fine. Got many kills with it I'm considering now lifetime membership. Привет всем! Купил вчера чит на героев и генералов. Сначала долго переживал, не обманут ли? Но заплатил и получил свой чит ) Всё работает, античит не видит. Я всегда в топе по убийствам. Думаю не прикупить ли пожизненное членство, хоть и дороговато Cheat with cautious and read forum - you can find here how to not be caught! Совет - не читерите по чёрному - забанят по поведению. И читайте форум - тут дают дельные советы по тому, как не попадаться.
  10. H&G

    I just have some question before I make the decision. I understand that If I use hacks there are chances that I will get banned But what are the chances If I only use walls, How long can I last before banned, 1 month? 1 week? or the chances is very odd. If I do use aimbot, with "legal" setting how long should I expect that I gonna get banned And finally what anti-cheat does H&G run? and how does it work? Is really helpful to answer my question to help me make the decision, and I am very appreciate it if you do help me.
  11. H&G Questions...

    Hello everyone, I'm considering joining the CA community but would like to ask a few questions beforehand. I am a subscriber over at ******** and it kicks ass 100%. I like to use his H&G hack but it requires that you use the Steam version of the game and also run it in dx9 mode and I find that it doesn't allow me to make the most of my rig and gsync monitor setup: 1.) Does the CA hack allow the game to be run in either version of the game(Browser/Steam) and can it be run in dx11 mode? 2.) Do you have to have a patched OS to run the CA hack like AA's? 3.) Lastly, the 2D radar at AA is highly configurable as far as the the size of indicators, transparency/colors, team/enemy/vehicles, position on the screen, etc. Is the CA radar similar in this type of configuration adjustability? The 2D radar is the only thing I like to use as it helps me fly way below the H&G radar 8D... Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on these questions/concerns. I look forward to also joining the CA community. -boomstick
  12. Hey Cheatautomation Community, ENGLISH GERMAN RUSSIAN Like and Subscribe To my YouTube channel Thanks.
  13. Greetings I want to buy a cheat for the game heroes generals But I use the version NO-STEAM. Tell me, he will be there to function normally?
  14. h&g hack

    hello, just wants to ask: is your h&g hack works right now?