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Our feature-loaded hack features include our game-winning aimbots, ESP, and 2D radar.

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Our Premium Cheating Experience

Best In Class Features

Deadly accurate aimbots, tens of ESP options, extensive customization options and more at your disposal.

Easy To Use

Cheats are ready to use out of the box, or customize every setting through our easy, mouse-driven in-game menu.

Undetected Cheats

Stay undetected with our multi-layer anti-cheat protection systems and cheat features designed with safety in mind.

Dedicated Support

Easy-to-follow guides get you cheating in minutes after purchasing, and support via our help-desk is only a click away.

Ongoing Updates

New code updates from our team streamed via our cheat launcher keep your cheats online and functioning.

Safe To Use

100% virus & spyware free software that won't compromise your PC's security unlike many anti-cheat programs.

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Make it happen with our premium hack features.

  Deadly Accurate Aimbots  

Dominate your opponents with the help of our bone aimbots, tuned for accuracy, speed, and performance. Lock-on instantly for easy head-shots or tweak your settings for full 'legit' play. Use our optimized default settings, or tune each aimbot feature, from field of view, custom aim bones, aiming speed, and more to your personal preference.

  All-Revealing In-Game ESP  

Get a complete view of the battlefield with our full tactical ESP (Enhanced Sensory Perception). See every entity from players to NPCs and more, with information like names, types, distance, health, equipable items and more (game specific). Our ESP is lightweight for minimal FPS loss, and we utilize unique anti-screenshot code for your game account's safety.

  2D Radar And More  

Our customizable 2D radar gives you a top-down view of items of interest in your surrounds at all time with the on-screen display. Tweak the radar to your liking to give you the maximum advantage with minimal screen space usage.

In addition, take advantage of each of our cheat's unique features. Check the specific cheat page for a complete features list.

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 See What Our Customers Have To Say.. 


Having been using the cheat for a few days now I can honestly say that it is one of the easiest to get started with. They are also quick to update it when a game updates. I play Warframe mostly and I can 100% this is the best one so far.

Thanks guys for an awesome cheat and keep up the good work.

Tyrael // Subscriber


…This place is amazing the cheats I've used work perfectly ESP the WOWS aimbot I'm always getting confirmed hits and leveling as fast as possible since I'm so accurate and on top of that I've never been banned and I'm at tier9.

Would def recommend you try it out for yourself...

apollo413 // Subscriber


To me this site is the best for hacks … All the features you ever need are in the program, from ESP, to Aiming assist, and one of the best features you find in no other cheat site the ability to note when spectators or admins are watching your screen which warns you to either play safely or leave the game … Don't hesitate to buy here!

VoltixD // Subscriber


CA is the best hack I have ever used.
There are a lot of game hackers in it, and every one of them is made conscientiously by the staff.

I admire them for their dedication and perseverance.

asdasa // Subscriber


Works absolutely flawless.
Clean and nice interface, easy to use and doesn't make your eyes bleed when you enable every possible option. (I've seen some horrible ESPs...)
The ESP is absolutely easy to understand.

lolacola // Subscriber


1st I tried using this cheat for a month, and I was like OMG I'm loving this CA , after a month I re-subscribe to 3 month and now I renew again for 3 months, this hack is really good!

Two thumbs up for you guys!

 asistio04// Subscriber

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Purchase?

Click to create an account. At the time of signup you can choose a subscription, or visit our store afterwards to choose a subscription.

We support purchasing with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Don't have bitcoin? Check out our guide that shows how easy it is to purchase and start using Bitcoin!

How Do I Know This Website Is Legit?

Feel free to browse our cheat pages with videos of our software working, read testimonials from members or reach out to our helpdesk after creating an account.

We've been in business since 2012, so there's history you can see if you go back and look for it. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of thousands members who have joined our community.

What Do I Do If I Have An Issue With The Software?

To make it as easy as possible for you to start using your cheat subscription, we have easy-to-follow guides for our launcher software as well as each cheat we provide, so we suggest always checking those first to ensure you've followed all steps listed. 

If you have an issue after following the guides, it's easy to reach out to us for help via our support desk, where we can help you sort out any issues you might have.

Is The Software Working For My Game? What Happens If There's A Game Update?

Prior to purchasing, you can check the cheat status page on the site to check if a cheat is online or not. It's rare that our software is not functioning for any length of time.

Sometimes game updates break our cheats and stop them from functioning, when this occurs we can nearly always have an update online within 24 hours. Our cheats are always supported for game updates and anti-cheat updates.

Are Your Cheats Undetected?

We always develop our cheats with safety in mind, as your cheat remaining undetected is really the most important factor. We always work to keep our cheats undetected, and will update them if we believe they may no longer be safe to use.

Our cheat status page on the site will show whether our cheats are online or not, and we will take them offline if we believe they are detected. Sometimes cheats can be detected, we cannot promise our cheats will never be detected, only that we will do what we can to keep them safe to use.

What Operating Systems Are Supported?

We support Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. Mac users can install bootcamp with a copy of windows if they wish to access our software.

How Do I Get My Cheat Download After Purchasing?

After your subscription purchase is processed by the payment processor, you will receive your subscription on your CheatAutomation forum account. After that you will be able to see all subscriber only areas along with the link in the forum list to download our launcher. From there you can follow our guides, or open the launcher and load your cheat.

If you don't get your access, you can contact us through our help desk.

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