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  3. Cheat

    You have to purchase them first
  4. jaha

  5. jaha

  6. jaha

  7. Client not working

    My Client is alwais waiting for the game after loading the hack, what can i do?
  8. Hi

    How to cheat rules of survival
  9. revenge of sultans hack

    hi. any one have a hack apk for revenge of sultans the Arabic edition?
  10. SWBF2

    returning customer Was SWBF2 aimbot ever updated to have a smooth aimbot feature?
  11. Last week
  12. I need help

    hello guys plz can someone tell me where can i find the ros hack plz ?
  13. Battlefield 4

    Hi all. Does anyone still use the BF4 hack and does it work ok as I know 'oldish' games dont get updated very often on hack webbys. Is this one updated and how well does it work please before I buy. p.s. I been using assists from here for a while and The Division was a really good assist. As BF4 is on cheap on a cd key website.
  14. Purchased my 2nd month sub yesterday from kanra2015. Later on that day i received an e-mail saying payment went through and to activate my account. I presume from last time it was the same process, but i have yet to receive the actual code. I have been in touch with kanra2015 discord / e-mail etc.. So i'm still waiting any help ? Thx
  15. Hello can you help how to cheat in ros aimbot only

  16. Cheat

    Where to download cheats?
  17. Ghost Recon WildLands

    why not? i would also buy it
  18. How to purchase VIP

    Currently, the only way to get our cheats is through one of our resellers:
  19. Hello

    Hello @Hanzfahmy, welcome to Cheat Automation!
  20. rules of survival

    You need an active subscription: :)
  21. Ghost Recon WildLands

    Hello, sorry but I don't think we'll be updating that cheat anymore.
  22. Good evening. I have been sent a key already in use...... can you intervene? Sorry.... I solved...
  23. Unfortunately, we aren't currently offering this cheat, and probably won't in the future.
  24. I know VAC is pretty quick to pick up on programs and bam! banned. FairFight picks up on suspicious activity like aimbotting or no recoil and takes screenshots. Even while missing shots (but still snapping), FF will temp ban you. I'm curious as to what EAC looks for. I want to try the Rising Storm 2 Vietnam hack, though I'd most likely only use it for the wallhacks, since taking a hit from most weapons in that game requires a bandage (or you bleed out) and a 2nd hit is usually a kill. I try to avoid rage botting, and in a game like Rising Storm 2, it's not necessary really, but the wallhack would come in handy. I just don't want the program to be instantly detected, and I'm not sure what EAC looks for when someone is hacking. Whether it's snapping, looking at people through walls, no recoil, etc. or just a program itself.
  25. Waiting for code to activate. I received the e-mail to activate after payment but with no code so i can't redeem When i subbed last month with i received the code within a few mins . been waiting a few hours now. I understand times zones and that but well.. thx thx for all the help on Discord all sorted
  26. Ghost Recon WildLands

    Hi. I'm very interested in this hack for Wildlands. On your Main Page stands, there is a hack for it. Is there any hack from you or will be a hack available again? Greetings Matt
  27. rules of survival

    how can i download your cheats on my pc tyia for your response PS. im a newbie here please guide me hahaha
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