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  3. need vip

    hi i want to buy vip hack
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  5. Warframe Question

    Yes, the damage multiplier works. The damage multiplier doesn't work with some weapons but works with more than it doesn't work with. I don't know the exact ratio.
  6. Yes, Our hack is working for RoS. Please visit here! https://cheatautomation.info/purchase
  7. @Zimt666 I sent an email with license key to your paypal email. Please check your inbox and the spam folder.
  8. Warframe Question

    Hello, i would like to ask about warframe hack: 1. DMG Multiplier works ? (Some other sites took it down) 2. Is there any weapon that DMG Multiplier doesnt work on? (as above, other sites has HAD it working just on a couple of weapons).
  9. Hi is this working it at rules of survival..if working how to make avail this hack..
  10. Last week
  11. Warframe

    The cheat hasn't been detected since it was released. There isn't any video of how to set up the cheat because it's very simple, you just load it from the launcher when the game is running. We have a guide on how to load the cheat. The damage multiplier can be set from 1-99, so how much damage you do depends on your weapon, it multiplies it.
  12. APB Reloaded cheats

    No, we don't, sorry.
  13. APB Reloaded cheats

    Hello, do you guys offer cheats for APB:Reloaded?
  14. @CODxRAPIIDZI sent an email with license key to your paypal email. Please check your inbox and the spam folder.
  15. خهتن

    Hello @anaszarzar5, welcome to Cheat Automation!
  16. welcome

    Welcome to Cheat Automation @Rahand99
  17. You can always cancel your paypal subscriptions. they have tutorials on that stuff...
  18. Any subscription that he had, he had to cancel through PayPal. Which is how most businesses are with recurring payments through PayPal. 2 resellers take PayPal, I take Skrill. The official shop does not do either. Just to wait to get banned again? So our funds get frozen for 180 days again? That's not a very safe feeling to continues live with. PayPal is slowly removing all cheating services from their platform.
  19. Warframe

    Can someone say me the last detection on this hack? can i see a video how to work ? and that damage multiplier,how much multiplier is? i dont know how much amount damage plus is (sorry bad english)
  20. Yeah, my friend said there was no way to cancel your subscription. You were continuously charging him. Either way, I think some of the resellers take pay pal. Aside, is there a way to pay with Skrill via the website without a middle man ?
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