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  4. hello, I would like to know if the destiny 2 hack is still for sale on the site and if it is followed regularly.merci

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  6. any update on when the destiny 2 cheat is going to be back up and running?


  7. Destiny 2 cheat is not working for the past 13 hours! any update soon?

    Thank you in advance.

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    2. Dannyx97x


      Were just gonna have to wait this out my guys. Its a sneaky suprise update

    3. JRKFDR326


      yup, same here but i think its all about avoiding spam on an issue @RebelGirl is tracking and is working on it.


    4. Dannyx97x


      Unrelated but it there a way of making the aimbot less snappy on D2


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  9. How long does it take to get support? I've been waiting for a few days. 😞

  10. zsn

    Please contact me, i have problems with the payment of D2 cheat, i buy the cheat but appears "failure transaction" 

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    2. xXmwaXx14


      il y aura plus de support a ce rythme la , a croire que le site meurt a petit feu..

    3. Taiphoon


      I don't think they respond or review what we send/submit.  I have forum posts that say "must be reviewed and approved by a moderator" for a month now. Basically, I can't even post a review, status, or general feature request.  All my posts are stuck pending.

    4. drnub


      Yep... I paid twice and still stuck on pending purchase not sure which bitcoin wallet is better to use or not cause it takes forever for the payment to process but goes through. Still no support since Feb 1st 😧

  11. i orded some like last week and still have not got them what is going on 


  12. today  is a new update for d2 and the cheat r not working

  13. Hello Sejuth, I have made a payment in LTC with the specified amount, but I get a warning that the merchant received the payment, but it was insufficient.
    I have proof of payment

    The page gave me a contact email and a claim number:

    [email protected] but the mail does not exist

    I bought the pubg lite hack

    I sent ticket to support with info Ty!

  14. Hi Sejuth,

    I opened up a support ticket regarding my payment last Monday and was wondering if it could be looked into? I'm aware you guys are probably busy at the moment.

    Much appreciated!

    1. darksargeant


      @drnub Did you get a answer my friend paid two days ago the payment was done , and he did not get to log in ,  admins just won't respond to any tickets @RebelGirl please check open tickets

    2. drnub


      Nope nothing, I've opened up multiple tickets and it's been almost a month since my first payment and 2 weeks since the second payment

    3. drnub


      Nope nothing, I've opened up multiple tickets and it's been almost a month since my first payment and 2 weeks since the second payment @RebelGirl would you be able to help out again? Thank you!

  15. The d2 cheat r not working 

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    2. gigimarga


      what you mean give them few days on a fucking timed subscription? I am paying now I want it to work NOW!

    3. JRKFDR326


      you do know that they will extend your service for unused days right? 

      also, you have 2 options:

      1. you either wait and sit tight 


      2. be mad and bitch all day and STILL sit and wait. 



      OR you can develop your own cheat, loser. 

      go take a shower or play without cheats for a minute and get good, scrub.

    4. drnub


      Wow rude much, they'll extend your time like JRK said. If you don't like their service can always go find else where just be patient.

  16. Please check my support request for payment. 

    1. gengar


      I need the same thing. The cheats for d2 r not working today. Btw. Why ?

    2. RodrigoHunter


      i need it too. The d2 cheat r not working

    3. JRKFDR326


      its because of the new update, give the Devs a few days till they figure it out. 

  17. I want to buy cheat for Star Wars Battlefront II with Paypal now.
  18. Hey I was told by RebelGirl to contact you regarding a purchase using PayPal, a quick answer would be great! 

    1. Cretusef


      don't bother, noone alive a round here, consider you got scammed 

    2. Dannyx97x


      Hes slow but active on discord. you have to use the open a  ticket feature on his discord page

  19. Hello there please help with my support request about payment done, thank you

  20. Hmmm, I wonder if there is someone from stuff alive here, they get money but no product .... starting to wonder if you guys just scamers 

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    2. tntbadman


      No sir you are WRONG. they are not SCAMMERS it takes time, They have a life as well...

    3. Cretusef


      Well, in that case they should put a description that delivery is not instant and may take time ... up to a limit ... not make us pay for nothing and let us hanging with out a clue about what is happening 

    4. cam2324


      Yeah made me pay twice my first payment was a penny short then my second payment was overpaid and never go I’m out $40

  21. these guys are scamming , none of us that opend support tickets over payments are getting responses



  22. need a response too my ticket on over payment

  23. i need a response on my ticket


  24. can one of the admins please respond to my ticket

  25. hello i would like to buy the hack of destyny 2 via paypal is it possible?

  26. hello, i just bought a subscription for the division but i can't download the launcher

    1. Elmo


      it works just make sure you're extracting the files and running as administrator. sometimes windows security prevents the launcher from working. go to the forums there is a tutorial on how to set it up!   

  27. Sejuth, please look at my two support tickets I submitted earlier. each one pertains to a different transaction.

  28. RebelGirl

    Destiny 2

    Thank you for your testimonial xqcow! I have sent some bonus subscription time your way for the testimonial
  29. Thank you for your testimonial ifast! I have sent some bonus subscription time your way for the testimonial
  30. Thank you for your testimonial Hephaestus88! I have sent some bonus subscription time your way for the testimonial
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