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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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CHEATAUTOMATION.COM Forum Rules & Guidelines.


  • Be friendly
  • Try and help rather than criticize
  • If you have a disagreement/argument do not flame
  • If someone breaks the rules, click the "Report" button rather than attack them
  • Search before posting. Always make sure to search before you create a new thread, your answer might already be answered

Official Rules

No Advertisements
Do not post links to sites if it is beneficial to you in some way. This also means no links or mentions of other hacks. While we are a community, we are also a business and cannot allow competing services to be advertised on our board. If you simply want to share an interesting site or page, that is fine, as long as it is not a site offering hacks or cheats, and you do not benefit by posting the link.

No discussion of other sites through PMs
Please do not share links to competing hack sites, or advertise through PMs.

No False Information
Do not provide false information, for instance suggesting a cheat is detected when it is not.

Reporting Bans
If your game account/key is ever banned while using our software, please report it in the appropriate Ban thread found in the game's subscriber only forum. Often bans are unrelated to our software, and when they are related it is best if all ban reports and information is kept in one place rather than being scattered around the board. We also prefer using one thread for all ban discussion as it allows us to post an update on bans once, rather than have to reply to multiple topics. For these reasons, threads related to game account bans will be archived or merged with other threads.

The General Stuff

  • No warez or cracks, or infected files
  • No illegal content like stolen accounts
  • No porn (I know this is a tough one guys, but our host isn't okay with that kinda stuff)
  • No racism
  • No attacks on other board members or insults
  • No referral links
  • No like/reputation trading between members (Agreeing to give each other reputation/likes)
  • No bad signature or avatar content that breaks any of the above rules
  • No trading/selling between members
  • No scamming/hacking other members
  • No bumping (bumping is when a user bumps (post) on an old thread. Bumping is considered when a thread is older than one (1) week)
  • No spamming (meaning, don't go off-topic on a thread)
  • No advertisement of other private hacking websites
  • Issue PayPal chargebacks, immediately after purchase.


Each rule violation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis so as not to unjustly punish a member for unknowingly breaking the above rules. Members who knowingly choose to not respect the forum rules will have more severe action taken against them.

  • Warning for minor rule violations
  • Temporary Mute (Cannot post for X number of days)
  • Permanent Suspension or Ban (For only the most egregious offenders who severely break our rules, our Terms of Service, or show continued disregard of our rules.)

If you have any questions regarding our rules, please post here.

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