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Found 8 results

  1. H&G

    Hello everybody... iam New here...hows every body ¿... Iam looking for working aimbot for heroes and generals
  2. CheatAutomation Paypal problem

    I can not buy lifetime HEROES & GENERALS
  3. Wondering on if the cheat includes a prediction system for adjusting height or based on their velocity, will it aim ahead or higher above them by distance. Another question; I've tried another cheat for this game by the same copyrighted company listed in the footer, and I'm wondering if it'll be different, or just a re-painted version of the cheat.
  4. Where can I buy or download your cheat, there is no access on the main straitsa and in the section of the store it is absent?
  5. Hello. I'll and leave a review. A very good hack, a lot of features. For a month of using the hack, I have not received a ban and this is very encouraging. Many coders projects abandoned this game, because there are very frequent game updates. And coders constantly have to update the hack. Not everyone likes this. But the project cheatautomation did not abandon us and constantly update the hack. Let them in two or three days, but they will do it very qualitatively. That's why I chose the project cheatautomation. Many thanks for the work done. I wish Robert and the coders simple updates and a large stream of customers. Sorry for my English)
  6. Hey, do i have to disable patchguard? and at h&g i can set the hitbox head? hehe
  7. Heroes & Generals

    Hello I would like to know when Heroes & Generals will be available as a single subscription? I don't really feel like spending $19.88 I'm not going to play the other games since I don't have them. And just for a pre-release version without Aimbot and other features It's not really worth it. Thanks in advance.