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Found 3 results

  1. I bought the All-Access VIP a few days ago and tested some of the Hacks. They all work very well and are really easy to use. My personal favourite is the Division hack. I propably going to buy the Lifetime VIP as well.
  2. I'll make it short for your good: Pros: + Aimbot is perfect + I tried playing with 700 ping O_O still ACE + ESP is very accurate + 2D and 3D boxes both are good + Aimbot options like aim to FOV, distance really help. + Smoothing helps me hide aiming. + Visibility check!! Wow thanks a lot for this ,I look so legit. + Fairfight protection 10/10 : Never got banned (played a lot aggressive) + Lag compensation (I think it works, not sure) + Traceline! U got me!! + Name ESP helps me to find Blackbeard (u can't use head aimbot on him) + Overall a must try!! Cons: + There should be Operator ESP, so I can be aware of shield operators and Blackbeard especially. ----------------------------------------- Overall if ur looking for a perfect R6 hack here you go, cheat automation is for you. Just to add to this honest review , I have also used other companies hacks like perfect**** hack (I won't tell full name) and here are my final result. Perfect**** hack : 0.5/10 cheat automation hack: 10/10 Really, why didn't I know about this site earlier? Thanks @Robert !! And whole Cheat automation team!! P.S : I'm looking for hackers to play, please check it out: http://cheatautomation.com/forums/topic/7669-looking-for-r6-hacker-squad-road-to-diamond/
  3. hey there guys, i wanted to make this review for any new members looking to join this comunity, all i have to say about CA Is mainly positive things.. i found this site trough many hack site reviews and by many people directing me about this website.. so i decided to check it out The Website: website is well organised very user friendly, everything is set into place, its not messy like most forums and you can find your way right to the part your looking for. 10/10 The Staff: it might be abit to early for me to judge this but so far ive been getting really fast replys from the staff members and have solved all the issues ive had, without being descrimanting towards the clients like some hack forums that i shall not mention out of respect..(AA) lol The Client: this is the main deal . once i bought my 1 month subscription for 19 dollars that contains a variety of games that i could hack i was pretty happy about its price, i mean for that price i can hack 11 games!!!! and it even gets better for long term subscriptions once downloaded the client things were just too easy, just had to log in clicked on the available hacks and BAM! the client was injected and i was ready to go, all i had to do was launch the game... (btw it wont let you log if you have a VPN provider) -regarding the client itself ingame... i have only tested it on Ark Survival Evolved, and i must say it is very BASIC. BUT from the customers comments and by reading various reviews AND from personal experience.... this is what i have to say... CheatAutomation has a very basic looking client but their hacks are undetected, they arent like most forums by putting cheats that have a high risk of getting you detected, if the cheat is there it means your safe to use it! they wont add wallhack for example if its going to get you detected after a few hours, they would rather avoid it and keep you safe. Infact since i was using the hack in these few hours i felt SAFE, which is a rare term when dealing with hacks lol regarding the content in the hack, the esp and aimbot work like magic, so accurate and DEADLY! CheatAutomation 10/10
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