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Found 12 results

  1. price problem

    Why is the price of the introduction to the warframe hack 15usd-monthly 29usd-three months。 but resellers sell 24usd one month How can I get a cheaper one
  2. warframe do you have hack ?

    hello my friends warframe I wonder if there is hack ?
  3. when to update warframe's cheat

    Hi! Damage Multiplier and aimbot can't be used now,I want to know when to fix them....thx
  4. Doesn't seem to work

    I'm sure I'm doing something wrong or missing a step but I cannot get it to work. I disabled all overlays. I Run as Admin. I log in to choose my game and launch. I get in the game and I got nothing, no menu at all to use. Someone assist me, please.
  5. Was reading the forums before going through with this. Came across this post: Did not see any updates on if it was good to go yet or not. Would hate to purchase a monthly on my intent on only using warframe and it be down for most of the first month.
  6. I would like to buy the warframe hack but I have 4 questions: Does the warframe hack have the aimbot always trying to get shot in the head ? If yes, how can I set it to always hit enemies' heads? Can the hacker detect items from distance ? Is it possible to play the game in fullscreen without problems ?
  7. Warframe hack has an option to give headshot to enemies ? I mean, I read that you have aimbot, but the shots are accurate by hitting the enemies' heads?
  8. Hello, I want to know if the damage multiplier works on the operators, more specifically on the AMPS
  9. The Warframe damage multiplier does it only apply to weapons (Melee, Secondary, Primary), or does it also apply to Warframe abilities (Banshee Sound Quake, Ember World on Fire, Equinox Maim, and etc) and does it apply to Companion Loadout (Carrier Prime, Sweeper Prime, and etc) and does it also apply for Operators Amp attack. Thank You
  10. Warframe Safe???

    I'm just wondering if that Warframe's exploit is safe, especially the damage multiplier. If it is not, to what extent is it not safe??
  11. Hi.I'm a boy who joined today. There was a problem when I looked around. I can not solve the problem because I can not download the game nucleus. Can I acticate a subscription to download it?
  12. Hack Requests (2)

    Hey i had for a few games maybe some older games now but still highly populated and popular that i would like to see a few Hacks for: 1- Arma III - A good proper working Cheat for this game with various abilities like aim-bot / ESP / radar or such. 2- Warframe - A Good Cheat for this 1 giving maybe an aimbot and ESP with radar (all thou i think they are to little use in this game) but mostly something along the lines of a Farming bot perhaps or something to help with gather Resrouces / Xp and credits faster as well for more rare mods and BP's (Blue Print's) (maybe as well to by-pass maximum extractors deployed?) **EDIT: i as well would love it if it could boost your abilities by duration and strength as well to prevent several enemies from taking all your energy away** (would have asked for War Thunder here but i do not think that will work out and even if do and it would be added would it have ESP and aimbot or such and what use would it have??? so i left this out but if a dev sees to add this would be nice still thou) The Reasons why i Request these: 1- I cant Find Other Cheats / Hacks that i Feel safe about using. (for safety of my PC as for against viruses / game such as for warframe my password against account being stolen) 2- I Cant Find Good Working ones and if do i fear their way to messy and obvious to have Anti Cheat pick them up. (so safe to use in-game) 3- The Games in question are still QUITE if not VERY Popular and Highly crowded. 4- I think that more people would like to see this and perhaps make use of this. Got an opinion about this? lemme hear in comments and why this would or would not be added / work and why that so. P.S i know about this: And that Arma 3 is discontinued why i wonder? As for Warframe i mean sure its old perhaps but as steamcharts said its STILL 1 of the top 10 most played games: http://steamcharts.com/ Standing at Nr: 9 now with: 45,021 players playing / Peak of 58,314 last 30 days / 30,501,595 Total Hours been played on that game (this at the time of post) So why would it not be worth a run with it? I mean a lot of people still play it, so it is still an high amount of potential customers for the cheat / hack!