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  1. The division

    I would also recommend the Division cheat from here, easy to setup and use.. no detection and as long as you play safe it will remain that way! I don't really know what I am doing in the division, but even playing on my own against bots is great fun!
  2. battlefield 1

    It is a great hack, and gives you everything you need! have fun but be safe!
  3. Bitcoin mining

    I looked at BTC, I started trading in it, have made a whopping £20.00!!! lol My mate got into a few years back, and hinted he is 6 figures up now, which he plans to continue and is in it for the long haul. He reckons it could raise to a million in around 10 years!. I tried to purchase BTC on Coinbase, but it keeps rejecting my purchase stating that I have to authorise my bank, which I tried to, but I have lost interest now, stick to what I know!
  4. Chatbox? Call of Duty WW2 expectations?

    Robert, do we know what the anti cheat will be yet?
  5. COD hack permission issue

    You trying to play COD but have purchased BF1 by mistake?.. The screenshot shows BF1 hack.. I am confused
  6. for pay cheats ?

    Nope, there are no cheats for this game available at this time.
  7. Rainbow Six Siege

    I think so dude... RIP
  8. have rainbow 6 hack?

    Because of the anti cheat, this cheat is not currently available
  9. hi

    welcome to CA The only choice is to play legit at the moment
  10. Hacks

    Nice first post Baseballer, you will fit in well here!
  11. The best thing to do is rename it something well known. Like downloadable software from a legit company.. "Nch software" for example, this way it will be hidden a lot better if searched by a invading AC
  12. anyone wants hack for Escape from Tarkov?

    Is there an Anti cheat running?
  13. PUBG

    Its not available currently
  14. PUBG

    a bit harsh..lol!! Its not available due to the game using an extremely effective anitcheat.
  15. hello all