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  1. Its not available currently
  2. a bit harsh..lol!! Its not available due to the game using an extremely effective anitcheat.
  3. Hi
  4. Por Battleye, el truco no está disponible en este momento, y no hay ETA cuando se conecten. I love google translate!!
  5. You have purchased a Battleye protected game and decided you want to cheat in it. You know the risks with cheating in a BE protected game. The fact that Cheatautomation have not continued to sell the product to see if they can bypass shows their commitment to their customers, unlike some other cheat providers who continue to sell cheats and claim that its undetected! CA are trustworthy, and provide a decent product.. you just need to make the judgement call if you want to take the risks.
  6. I know you said it no longer relevant, but when paying with PP, its for security purposes. You just have to trust it, a bit like buying something from eBay the buyer/seller gets to see exactly who you are. Fortunately CA are decent people, and fully trustworthy!... your details are safe!
  7. If you click on the link above as provided by Appo, you will be able to select from 1 month sub or 3 month, you also have the option of selecting the All access option which will give you access to all cheats active on either a subscription or lifetime access. As mentioned you will need a paypal account to send money to Cheatautomation
  8. Hi

    Hi, Bonjour, Hola, Hej, Ola, Czesc, Hallo, Salut, ok that will do from google translate Hey Bro
  9. Hi Mequick, The R6 cheat isn't available currently, and there is no date to suggest any release.
  10. hello.. welcome to CA.. which game(s) do you play?
  11. Yo, Since taking a break from R6S, I have decided to join the elite VIP members club! All access baby!!!! One reason was to show my support to this great community!, And second was to download a few of the games listed here (NO BATTLEYE GAMES!!!!!), and play to mess around: RISING STORM 2 GTAV THE DIVISION BATTLEFIELD 1 DOOM GHOST RECON WILDLANDS FRIDAY 13TH LETSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOO
  12. Hey Jokerbebop Its not listed in the "Cheats" drop down, but it you go to "Store" drop down, you can purchase it through subscription, or if you purchase the All access VIP sub.
  13. R6 is protected by BE, and BE is extremely hard to get round. We have a never say never thing here, but at the moment there isn't a public cheat for it
  14. hi

    Hey, if you check the cheat status it appears out of stock, I believe this is to do with updates required for the game
  15. Robert, I would leave it open to be honest, as Tomgirl has opened up an honest question and providing it stays civil it wont do any harm. From my own experience, cheating in a game for me was down to frustration that every one else was cheating. This was Rainbow Six.. I was getting so sick and tired of being rekt through walls etc, that I had the attitude "if you cant beat them, join them".. CA was the first professional looking site, and love being part of this site. As soon as I started using ESP, it brought down my stress, and I actually managed to play the game without shouting or smashing up my keyboards. Problem is, you then get quite addicted to playing with it, and when BE came out, It took a long time to regain the skills to play without knowing where people are in the map. Most of the time, I only used ESP, sometimes used aim bot IF there was other cheaters on the opposite team. Would I use cheats again if there was a bypass?.. Yes, I would as I don't take the game serious anymore, kind of bored of it, and actually felt that using cheats was fun (for me), and this is why I play games, to make it fun for me! LiquidT, not everyone is useless at games who uses cheats, I have managed to get to diamond each season with R6, and I only used CA for two seasons, so I am not bad at that game at all.