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  1. Rainbow Six Siege

    I think so dude... RIP
  2. have rainbow 6 hack?

    Because of the anti cheat, this cheat is not currently available
  3. hi

    welcome to CA The only choice is to play legit at the moment
  4. Hacks

    Nice first post Baseballer, you will fit in well here!
  5. The best thing to do is rename it something well known. Like downloadable software from a legit company.. "Nch software" for example, this way it will be hidden a lot better if searched by a invading AC
  6. anyone wants hack for Escape from Tarkov?

    Is there an Anti cheat running?
  7. PUBG

    Its not available currently
  8. PUBG

    a bit harsh..lol!! Its not available due to the game using an extremely effective anitcheat.
  9. hello all

  10. Hack Playeruknows

    Por Battleye, el truco no está disponible en este momento, y no hay ETA cuando se conecten. I love google translate!!
  11. pubg

    You have purchased a Battleye protected game and decided you want to cheat in it. You know the risks with cheating in a BE protected game. The fact that Cheatautomation have not continued to sell the product to see if they can bypass shows their commitment to their customers, unlike some other cheat providers who continue to sell cheats and claim that its undetected! CA are trustworthy, and provide a decent product.. you just need to make the judgement call if you want to take the risks.
  12. Payment Question/Help

    I know you said it no longer relevant, but when paying with PP, its for security purposes. You just have to trust it, a bit like buying something from eBay the buyer/seller gets to see exactly who you are. Fortunately CA are decent people, and fully trustworthy!... your details are safe!
  13. Where to buy cheat Heroes & Generals

    If you click on the link above as provided by Appo, you will be able to select from 1 month sub or 3 month, you also have the option of selecting the All access option which will give you access to all cheats active on either a subscription or lifetime access. As mentioned you will need a paypal account to send money to Cheatautomation
  14. Hi

    Hi, Bonjour, Hola, Hej, Ola, Czesc, Hallo, Salut, ok that will do from google translate Hey Bro
  15. Hi Mequick, The R6 cheat isn't available currently, and there is no date to suggest any release.