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  1. why don't have chest Rs6

    Wait...what???.. really??
  2. Rainbow Six siege esp

    No, BE is way to strong in that game, and all cheats get found after a short time (even private), now they are doing complete hardware bins, so you would need another machine if you got done

    have you subscribed to the cheat? You need to pay before downloading the launcher?

    hahaha.. you can't be serious!! I tell you what, come and work for me at my business for a while... of course you wouldn't want paying right? you will do it for free right??
  5. Is there a Black Ops 3 cheat?

    COD games aren't supported here at CA, not too sure anywhere else tbh
  6. how to dl for free?

    Once you have paid the subscription, you will be able to download it for free. Hope this helps.
  7. I paid the goods, nothing happens

    If it goes into Hidden state, it means that you are using words that need to be checked. Posts that do will need to be validated by an admin/moderator.
  8. prokill143

    I suppose you want a free house to live in, and a free car to drive?
  9. Answer please

    Not a whole week!!! Oh my, how will you cope! This Millennial generation.. tsk!
  10. Hi

    don't eat yellow snow
  11. What is happening

    Lifetime VIP here on this site, loved using them for two years and still continue to do so!
  12. Trial?

    Where did you send it, and how did you send? and what did you send?
  13. Trial?

    This biggest problem at the moment, was an issue with the payment system. As a result it all options had to be removed. There were individual options along with a 48 hour (paid) trial. Currently there is only an option to go through a reseller to gain access to cheats. Its not the perfect solution but until the payment system is sorted it the only one right now. I am sure CA will get it sorted.
  14. Newguy

    Hello, Well, you purchase, you load game, you launch cheat, you have fun! Pretty much the process!
  15. help

    Cheats here are only available for PC