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COD: WW2 9/10

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Hello all! So after about 2 days of fiddling around with the Cod WW2 hack, I have come up with my assessment. I give it a solid 8.8/10. Here's why.

Aimbot 9/10. Works how an aimbot should work, Beautifully I might add. I only have 2 problems with it, well 1 REAL problem, the other "Problem" is more of a suggestion. 
1: I don't know if it's just me and my options, but the "aim smoothness" doesn't seem to work how it should. (for me) whenever I slide the smoothness value in any direction it always seems to snap onto the enemy no matter what, there doesn't seem to be a noticeable smoothness. If this is an actual problem then it would be great if the smoothness variables are modified to be smooth when you move it to the designated position because I want to use the aimbot with super smooth settings so when I hit that aimbot key it slowly drags to the enemy, oppose from snapping to them. Other than that It's absolutely amazing and I very much so enjoy it.

ESP 9.5/10.

It works amazingly! Literally, no problems that render it unusable. The only negative thing I can think of about the ESP is the Health ESP option, It doesn't seem to work, no matter what damage the enemy is at it's always a full green bar. It's not a problem though because it's CoD. You don't need health ESP to be good :P

Tetris 10/10

Fucking love it. Nothing else to say, it's a brilliant side game to kill time while waiting for a lobby on slow days. I've never seen ANY hack ever to anything like this. 

Radar 10/10. Does what it's supposed to do. nothing much to say.

Misc. 10/10

Great options and all of them seem to work perfectly. 

Settings. 9.9/10

Does what it's supposed to do. 



Hello Robert! (assuming you made all the hacks and their options) Gotta say. Loving the hack, I just have some suggestions of new options you could potentially add to draw in, even more, buyers, they're not hard ones at all. 

1. Draw FoV. As I explained before in a previous post, it's a super "EZ" thing to do and it benefits us hackers extremely well. What is it? It's simply a circle outline that attaches to the FoV value, so that way you can see what the aimbot sees and makes it easier to choose your optimal FoV settings, also helps to look more legit! :D

2. In the settings tab, it would be great if there was multiple save slots, E.g. Legit config. Rage Config. Sniper Config. Etc.

3. and lastly, The problem with the smoothing variables. I don't know if it's just me but no matter what I set the smoothing variable to it always seems to instantly lock onto the person :( I would love to have more "smooth" aimbot variables so it slides slowly (or fastly depending on your setting) onto the target oppose from instantly locking. 

4. A Trigger bot Section. I would absolutely LOVE a trigger bot section so that way I could use Snipers and it would look flaulessly legit. 

5. Make it so aimbot woks in Free For All

This concludes my testimony! I love the hack and I'm very much so enjoying it, I'm glad I bought it and I'll definitely be renewing the subscription once my time runs out, I highly recommend it to whoever is skeptical of buying it. 


PS: The suggestions, of course, are just suggestions, I don't want you to feel like I'm demanding them, I just think they'd be great additions to the already amazing menu :) 


Have a lovely night~ 



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