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  1. Launcher log in

    Hello, make sure you are logging in with the username/password for this account. If changing the password isn't working for you, change it and ensure it contains no symbols or accented letters.
  2. warframe do you have hack ?

    Yes, see our cheat page here: https://cheatautomation.com/warframe-hack/
  3. hmm is this site dead ?

    We're not dead but it's true there haven't been any new cheat releases in a while.
  4. Hack not up-to-date

    It will be fixed soon.
  5. Rules of survival

    The cheat is undetected. But if you are reported by enough players you can still be temp banned automatically. We don't offer a trial any longer.
  6. Error while redeem key

    Hello, please confirm with Kanra2015 that you received the correct code from him. I will also need you or him to send me a private message with the code so I can check it on my end.
  7. License Key

    Hello, you will have to communicate with the reseller, kanra directly. Typically kanra is quite good about communicating with buyers, so I am sure there must be some extraordinary circumstances for the delay.
  8. begin with CA

    Thank you for your testimony uroboro, very nice of you to write this!
  9. Pls give me the files

    You aren't able to use the cheat without a subscription. Regardless, we wouldn't allow people to distribute our files/cheats for free.
  10. I'm sure you'll get a response soon, send the reseller a PM or contact him via one of his contact methods if you haven't already.
  11. Doesn't seem to work

    What game are you referring to? I will move your topic to the relevant private forum.
  12. Unfortunately, we aren't currently offering this cheat, and probably won't in the future.
  13. I don't know

    You'll need a subscription purchased from one of our resellers:
  14. WTF

    Hello, if you want a subscription, you'll have to buy from one of our resellers:
  15. Warframe Cheat

    The cheat hasn't ever been detected. The damage multiplier is the only risky feature that could be logged, so you may choose not to use that. If you are using the aimbot, you may want to watch how many headshots you get if you are playing with others as it could look suspicious.