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  1. Cheat Launcher is not available :(

    Delete any existing versions of the launcher you have and download it again to a different folder so you can be sure it is the latest one. We haven't updated the launcher in some time so there isn't a new version to download. Otherwise it could be something is blocking the launcher's connection to the server and causing the client packet error. Disable any Anti-virus/firewall.
  2. Dead website

    We don't have a new world cheat if that's what you're asking.
  3. Friday The 13th

    We don't offer this cheat anymore.
  4. When do resellers restock?

    Yimosecai restocks regularly. Yes, the All-Access VIP is for all cheats offered. I don't think yimosecai sells longer subscription periods.
  5. Launcher log in

    You need a subscription in order to download and use the cheat launcher. One can be purchased from a reseller here:
  6. purchase ROS

    You can purchase from our reseller here; https://cheatautomation.com/forums/topic/12838-【reseller】中国ca唯一官方经销商【轩轩工作室】if-you-dont-have-paypal-contact-me/
  7. How do I buy cheats?

    You'll have to purchase from our reseller, yimosecai
  8. Failed to connect to server

    Download the latest launcher here:
  9. Hi, I'm Chris

    You can purchase a key for subscription access from one of our resellers:
  10. Destiny 2 hack

    Hello, Artificial Sensei is planning to release a cheat soon, we are directing people there way who want a cheat for the game as we won't be supporting it.
  11. Single cheat purchase

    Hey, it's not likely that we will.
  12. Rising Storm 2 status

    We no longer offer this cheat, sorry!
  13. It's safe or no

    Yep, all cheats should be working. Star Citizen is the only one I can think of that may not currently be at 100%.
  14. Launcher log in

    Hello, make sure you are logging in with the username/password for this account. If changing the password isn't working for you, change it and ensure it contains no symbols or accented letters.
  15. warframe do you have hack ?

    Yes, see our cheat page here: https://cheatautomation.com/warframe-hack/