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  6. please update  world of warships  chart tabel  from ships because  new  ships  are  there  but no update

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  8. hack for H&G

    Hello i need a cheat for Heroes and Generals from Steam i would be really nice if one could code it or send me a link to a download Thx for your help Elitekeks
  9. pubg lite

    hi is the lite client safe ?
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  11. The Division 2

    Is there any chance on getting a cheat for The Division 2? Other sites have it but they all have the damn cheat behind some sort of exclusive wall. You have to join their membership for a few months and MAYBE you'll get access. It's bullshit. I would love to have a working cheat for the game. PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE make it happen.
  12. I really want to buy the Lifetime version of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 hack. But no matter what I try or do, I keep getting forwarded to the "Sign In" page and it's kind of making me mad. I know there are multiple buttons to get there, but ALL of them forward me there and it's really annoying and frustrating. Can someone please help me? Thanks.
  13. Requested Games/Cheats

    Hi, JimmyJazz. I would like to contribute in these threads, but I havent played many videogames. Maybe once I make the list, Ill explore more games.
  14. house World End in realm 1055: Karn is looking for active English players in kingdom Hyral. We are a tier 4 house that is close to tier 5. We have two cites but only 27 members, which is why we are looking for English speaking players who are active. Please join, thank you.
  15. I am personally not of that opinion. I remeber once someone made a thread on here "how much is b16a worth this day" and everyone mocked him which I found sad because I thought it was good he was having a go at speaking in english.
  16. When do resellers restock?

    Added new stock
  17. When do resellers restock?

    Yimosecai restocks regularly. Yes, the All-Access VIP is for all cheats offered. I don't think yimosecai sells longer subscription periods.
  18. When do resellers restock?

    Was just wondering typically how often the resellers restock on keys? Also, does it give access to all cheats? Is there a way to buy for multiple months or even lifetime?
  19. purchase ROS

    i dont have paypal
  20. purchase ROS

    can i pay with mastercard?
  21. How

    Anyone can allow me to download the cheat for ros
  22. Launcher log in

    You need a subscription in order to download and use the cheat launcher. One can be purchased from a reseller here:
  23. Launcher log in

    where do I login at there is no button and when I click on hack it sighns me out and there I nowhere to login is this a scam
  24. purchase ROS

    You can purchase from our reseller here; https://cheatautomation.com/forums/topic/12838-【reseller】中国ca唯一官方经销商【轩轩工作室】if-you-dont-have-paypal-contact-me/
  25. purchase ROS

    Hello how can i purchase cheat of ROS? are still Active? can i pay with mastercard?
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