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    Message to RebelGirl 2

    Hello RebelGirl, sorry to use this part of the forum but I don't see any other way to reach you (and I hope you will read this message). I could see your posts about updates for some games but nothing about WOWS. Your community of faithful WOWS users is very worried about the future of the WOWS aimbot because it doesn't seem to be updated at all since 1 year now... I received several messages in this sense because users can't reach the support anymore and WOWS has disappeared from the list of supported games : https://cheatautomation.com/services/ So we are very worried and I am at your disposal as usual if I can help you in any way Don't hesitate to answer me by private mail (and to delete this post from the forum) so that we can discuss together what we could do to try to find solutions to the different problems. Looking forward to reading you, Weplash.
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