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    One PC Per Account We use a HWID (hardware ID) system that locks your account to the first PC you run our launcher on. We support the use of our software on one PC only, apart from special circumstances like a vacation or trip. While we don't mind resetting your HWID if you upgrade your OS or hardware, or purchase a new PC, we only support use of our software on one PC at a time. If you have multiple PCs you wish to use our software on, you will need to choose one to use our software on, or purchase one account per computer. Hack & Site Downtime When games update, our software often has to be updated. This can result in downtime, usually of a day or less, though sometimes longer depending on the extent of the update. This means you cannot always cheat 24/7, and downtime has to be expected. Downtime can also occur due to anti-cheat changes or scans, and we may take our hacks offline for a time to ensure they are safe, or update them for security reasons. Also realize that at times the site may come under DDOS attack. This may result in the forums, or the launcher being offline. Before you purchase, realize that there may be some downtime due to attacks against our service. Games Change As someone who has been a member of multiple cheating communities, something I see quite often is people expressing themselves negatively when features are removed from hacks. Hacks are different from other software in that sometimes features are removed rather than added. If you purchased Microsoft Word 2010, and they announced that features were being taken out of the program after the fact, you might be a little upset. In hacks this is sometimes necessary. What features are possible in a game can change as it is updated and patched. Sometimes through further development we can add additional features, and sometimes developers find ways to make cheats we could once offer, impossible or detected. Cheats that often have to be removed from mmo hacks include speedhacks and teleporting, as these can be stopped server-side by position logs and rubber-banding. Often cheats that abuse poor code, or client-side code that should be server-side, are fixed in time by developers. While you may have purchased a cheat with a particular feature offered, and later had it removed, this is the nature of the beast. At CheatAutomation we always want to offer you something of value, so none of our hacks are based on a single feature that could be patched at any time. Most of our hacks offer some kind of aimbot feature or visual features that cannot be patched from games. These cheats still have inherent value to the user. If you are purchasing a hack from us you should realize that a feature could be broken at any time by a game update and that in some cases there is nothing we can do about it. Only on PC Our hacks do not supported on any other platforms, and do not work on Xbox 360s, PS3s or other gaming consoles. We do not support linux or OSX. If you want to run our hacks on an Apple computer, use bootcamp to install windows for the best experience. No Account Sharing We do not allow or support sharing accounts between people. One subscription to the hack should only be used on one PC. If you have more than one PC and have to switch between them more than once a month, you should purchase a second subscription for this functionality Understanding of English At this time, we can only offer support to users with the ability to communicate in the English language (google translate really isn't good enough). If you are purchasing our hacks you should know that you will not be able to receive support if you cannot communicate in English. Don't Cheat, Hack, Or Bot With What You Cannot Afford To Lose (or DCHOBWWYCATL for simplicity's sake) This is a rule that you will learn if you use a lot of game cheats or hacks, botting an account that you are very attached to is probably a bad idea. Of course, often in MMORPGs and other games you will have to spend a lot of time advancing your character and acquiring exp, stats, or wealth. While being banned may be a hard blow in games like these, if losing your account is simply not an option, you should not be cheating. It's much better to expect to be banned at some point, and prepare for it, then fear it and worry. Many hack users create multiple accounts for Free-to-Play games where they hack without fear, and do not spend a cent in the cash shop. In games with a larger focus on economy you may want to purchase a second account to store your valuables in the case that the account you are hacking on is banned. There Is Always A Risk - We Cannot Guarantee Your Safety When cheating in games, there is always a risk of being caught. This is something you must understand before you use a hack or cheat in any game. No matter what hack or cheat security you have, anti-cheat can detect it given enough time and resources. Anti-cheat developers are paid to detect hacks for a living, and can find a way to track anything if they take enough time to do it. If you've ever seen hacks go for months without a detection, it is likely that no work was done to specifically detect them, or working around their cheat protection was not worth the time. This happens all the time as with multiple cheats available for games and limited anti-cheat staff, many sites will be ignored completely for months. When any anti-cheat company decides to strike at a site though, it can be difficult to keep a hack undetected. If they are willing to devote the man-hours to updating their scans and working around any counter-measures that are put in place, the site will have to continually look for new methods to evade them. When big FPS titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty release, the biggest cheating sites release their hacks and are subsequently detected daily or weekly as Punkbuster and other anti-cheat are being paid big money to take down the hacks of these huge sites. So where does this leave you? It means that you have to be prepared for the possibility that your account may be banned if you hack. There's no guarantee that it will, you could hack for months or years safely. In fact, the older or less active a game is, the less likely that anti-cheat providers are being paid to aggressively update their scans to detect hacks. Still however, the risk of a ban is always there, and can happen at any time. If you are not prepared for that, then you should not be cheating.
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    Currently new members cannot purchase our ARMA 2 & DayZ hack as we are updating it for security reasons. We will be bringing sales back online as soon as possible once we are certain the hack is safe to use.
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    Hi, I am yimosecai, CheatAutomation Official Reseller! Please click on the store link above to purchase You can purchase licenses automatically and quickly Status: Online ------ my online time is all day {UTC + 8 AM10 ----- PM22} Available keys: 1 month Price:25 $ / 1month Payment Type :paypal,,BTC Contact :Skype:dengyunxuan discord:https://discord.gg/r2mVScwSz4 ↓↓↓↓↓↓How to use the discount code↓↓↓↓↓↓ 随时为您 提供快速支持请联系facebook或Skype获取即时支持 非常感谢!!!!! 中国CA唯一官方经销商【轩轩工作室】 农历独家总代理经销商,官方唯一合作伙伴 QQ:287102009备用:255971764 支持微信支付宝QQ宝贝收款 淘宝:https://shop126888530.taobao.com
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    Exciting Changes Coming

    Hiya all, RebelGirl, new admin at CheatAutomation here! You might have noticed some changes on CheatAutomation recently. We are making some changes to streamline and simplify things. Support Changes Going forward all support will be handled through our help desk. This is to make sure everyone can get quick support from a member of our team. We're now using our subscriber forums to highlight our cheat guides and other helpful information. This makes it easy to see the most important information about any cheat. This will be used more as we add new cheats to the service. We will be adding more support resources to make every step of using our cheats as easy and simple as possible! New Cheat Support We have new cheats coming in the near future. As part of this we will be updating our subscription and purchase options. Some of these cheats may be invite only or limited in the number of users for security reasons. We will make more announcements as we proceed, keep your eyes here! <3
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    Website Upgrade Complete!

    We hope everyone enjoys using the new homepage and upgraded forums! There may be some remaining issues, and improvements will continue to be made over time. Blog Post: http://cheatautomation.com/news/welcome-new-website/
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    World of Warships Cheat

    I'd like to start by saying, I wasn't sure about this company. I have used others in the past, and some work great - other didn't. However, I tried this one for a three month, and I wish I'd signed up for the total one year VIP. I had looked for other hacks for World of Tanks and World of Warships, and I couldn't find any. I was so excited with this one, however I was hoping that I didn't set the bar too high. Boy was I delighted! This hack worked great from start to finish. It's slick, clean UI and it works great with out being dected so far! It started with a manual aim, but now with the auto-predict, it's flawless!! I love it and I can't wait to renew. You set it and forget. It's so good, I can't tell you how awesome it is. Truly perfect! I'd buy this one all over again, and again. Great hack!
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    ARK Survival Evolved Cheat Released

    We're proud to announce the release of our ARK: Survival Evolved cheat! At CheatAutomation we take pride in developing some of the best cheats for survival games, ever since our debut with our original ARMA 2 DayZ Mod cheat. Our ARK cheat is another big step ahead, which a full list of features, from an aimbot that will make you a god in combat, to full working ESP for players, dinos, structures and more. Become the king of the jungle with CheatAutomation's ARK cheat! Survive the Jungle Whether you're a solo player or play with friends or a tribe, you'll benefit massively from our cheat. See the locations of all nearby dinosaurs, whether you want to hunt them, tame, or avoid them. Use filters like levels and types to find dinos to tame, or alpha dinos to kill. Player ESP will let you similarly hunt or avoid players, especially those on a t-rex or other powerful dinosaur. Waypoints - A Must Have This feature can be extremely valuable, and you won't be able to play without it once you're using it. Keep track of the exact location of your bases or supply caches by placing waypoints you can see from anywhere on the map. Mark points of interest, or enemy bases so you can always find your way to them easily. Even mark your dead body if you die, so you can find your way back to your gear or tamed dinos with ease. PVP & Combat - Dead Simple with our cheat Be the MVP of your tribe with our ARK cheat. Our aimbot can lock on to other players for both melee combat and with guns. Lock on to specific bones, making strafing around your opponent an easy way to avoid hits, or take perfect headshots with a gun. Our Aimbot can avoid locking on to tribemates, to ensure you don't accidentally hit your team-mates. Our player ESP will show you exactly where your enemies are, letting you track a fast player on a raptor or flying dino, or finding that sniper hanging back with a rifle. Continued Development Since we released our ARK cheat we've added numerous features to enhance the cheat, along with bug fixes and updates for game patches that occasionally break features. We're dedicated to offering the best cheat for ARK and keeping it working and undetected. Take a look at the features list below to see all the features that have been added in August and September. ARK Hack Features: Deadly Player & Dino Aimbot Custom Aimkey Bone Aiming Aim Field of View Visibility Checks Aim on Players Aim on Dinosaurs Disable aiming at tribe members ESP 2D Box 2D Line from Crosshair Name ESP Distance ESP Level ESP Show Dinosaurs Show Players Max Distance Limit Head dot ESP Traceline ESP Show Dead Dinos & Players Dinosaur Filters (Levels, Carnos, Tamed, By Name and more) Full Item ESP Misc ESP (Shows dinosaur eggs) Waypoints (NEW) Add Waypoints Colored Waypoints Save & Delete Waypoints Misc Godmode (Singleplayer) Teleporting to Saved Location (Singleplayer) No Weapon Sway Show Radar Show Dinosaurs on Radar Show Players on Radar Radar Dot Size Radar Box Size Show Crosshair Crosshair Size In-Game Mouse-Driven Menu Feature Saving/Loading Undetected by Game Client Purchase our ARK Survival Evolved Hack Now! Screenshots are out of date, many new features have been added. Get Instant Access to the cheat now!
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    Forum Rules & Guidelines

    CHEATAUTOMATION.COM Forum Rules & Guidelines. THE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGES WITHOUT NOTICE. IT IS UP TO YOU TO KEEP INFORMED ON THE LATEST UPDATES. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guidelines Be friendly Try and help rather than criticize If you have a disagreement/argument do not flame If someone breaks the rules, click the "Report" button rather than attack them Search before posting. Always make sure to search before you create a new thread, your answer might already be answered Official Rules No Advertisements Do not post links to sites if it is beneficial to you in some way. This also means no links or mentions of other hacks. While we are a community, we are also a business and cannot allow competing services to be advertised on our board. If you simply want to share an interesting site or page, that is fine, as long as it is not a site offering hacks or cheats, and you do not benefit by posting the link. No discussion of other sites through PMs Please do not share links to competing hack sites, or advertise through PMs. No False Information Do not provide false information, for instance suggesting a cheat is detected when it is not. Reporting Bans If your game account/key is ever banned while using our software, please report it in the appropriate Ban thread found in the game's subscriber only forum. Often bans are unrelated to our software, and when they are related it is best if all ban reports and information is kept in one place rather than being scattered around the board. We also prefer using one thread for all ban discussion as it allows us to post an update on bans once, rather than have to reply to multiple topics. For these reasons, threads related to game account bans will be archived or merged with other threads. The General Stuff No warez or cracks, or infected files No illegal content like stolen accounts No porn (I know this is a tough one guys, but our host isn't okay with that kinda stuff) No racism No attacks on other board members or insults No referral links No like/reputation trading between members (Agreeing to give each other reputation/likes) No bad signature or avatar content that breaks any of the above rules No trading/selling between members No scamming/hacking other members No bumping (bumping is when a user bumps (post) on an old thread. Bumping is considered when a thread is older than one (1) week) No spamming (meaning, don't go off-topic on a thread) No advertisement of other private hacking websites Issue PayPal chargebacks, immediately after purchase. Consequences Each rule violation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis so as not to unjustly punish a member for unknowingly breaking the above rules. Members who knowingly choose to not respect the forum rules will have more severe action taken against them. Warning for minor rule violations Temporary Mute (Cannot post for X number of days) Permanent Suspension or Ban (For only the most egregious offenders who severely break our rules, our Terms of Service, or show continued disregard of our rules.) If you have any questions regarding our rules, please post here.
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    Destiny 2 cheat is not working for the past 13 hours! any update soon? Thank you in advance.
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    How long does it take to get support? I've been waiting for a few days.
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    Our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hack is available! We've heard requests from the community to support this title and we're happy to be able to oblige. Our PUBG cheat features Player ESP alone in order to minimize the code footprint when loaded into the game, reducing the risk of detection. That said, we're sure Battleye will try to detect our cheat and they're pretty good at their jobs. We don't recommend purchasing our cheat if you aren't comfortable with the idea your account may very well be banned. Even with just ESP you should have no issue getting more kills and chicken dinners than ever before! See all the cheat details on our PUBG Hack Page: Become an All-Access VIP to access the cheat, or purchase a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hack Subscription:
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    World of Warships Review

    I request I NOT receive extra time for my review so others can be sure I'm being 100% honest without any motives. This is a review and comparison between CheatAutomation and a nameless competitor. Features The only feature you need is an aim assist icon and direction indicator. 2D radars, boxes and other information is unneeded or can be achieved with the use of mods which look nicer. Both have aimbot buttons but you shouldn't use them other than to snap to a target then aim manually slightly. If they are speeding up, then aim ahead of the aim-dot, if you want to land fireballs on their superstructure then aim a tad high. Leading/trailing an aim assist dot is way easier than trying to aim without. The competitor does have more features, like being able to hotkey settings for switching on the fly... but honestly, I don't miss that at all. I've become a better player by not relying on it (I had settings that would switch between AP/HE - Low/High aim). Use the aim assist dot as a gauge not an "aimbot" spot, by switching that on the fly with the other one I came to rely on it too much as "the" spot to shoot. I have read that hotkeys for settings is possibly planned for future improvement here. Changing them now though is no problem, just open the GUI and drag the slider (typing your settings may also come in the future). You only need to change your settings when you switch ships and the loading screen gives you ample time to do this. Support/Community CheatAutomation wins. Has more ships with settings than the competitor. Staff is nice and helpful here. A tad rude at the other place, even to users who are trying to help and assist others. If your ship isn't listed (many are here), use a setting of a similar ship. You will quickly get the feel for how you need to aim it (need to lead a bit more etc) after a volley or two. You can fine tune it in a bot game too. Mod Support I have not found any incompatibilities with either cheat. Works fine with all the mods I've tried and I tend to use a bunch. There are a few mods I feel are important for great play, things like Ship Angle Indicator are very helpful for not taking citadels. Custom crosshairs I find very useful too. Ease of Use / Learning Curve Cheatautomation wins. Competitor requires memorizing variable names if you want to change them on the fly or requires you to setup hotkeys before launching (more involved than it sounds). Cheatautomation is far and away easier for a newbie to pickup since it's all done in the GUI at any time. The tradeoff is the competition has more you can change... but in this game that's pretty irrelevant in my opinion because the only feature you need is an aim assist dot and an 'aimbot' button just to snap to the target a bit faster. Cheatautomation can save your settings so the next time you launch you don't need to change your settings, the only thing you need to do is adjust 2 sliders based on what ship you are playing. Performance I have a mid to mid-high rig. 4770k + 970. I have had no problems with Cheatautomation but some lower end users have complained about performance. There is a test version available for all subs that is suppose to help this. I just use the standard version since I've seen no problems. If you have an old/weak CPU you may want to question the staff on how well they think it will perform. I think it's WoWS related not hack related but after long play sessions the game will develop a memory leak of sorts, it will show itself by extreme FPS drops and eventually crashing over the course of a few minutes. I restart the game + hack every time I use the bathroom during long sessions, works great to avoid this. Tracking Time Seems about equal to me. If the enemy is turning, the aim dot isn't going to be right, you need to know this. The direction line by Cheatautomation comes in very handy in this situation. You don't shoot at the dot, you shoot along the direction line in the direction the enemy is turning in. A tad bit of practice and you will nail them every time. If you are aiming at a ship that is speeding up, the aimassist icon will "jump" forward from your locked-on cursor. Meaning if you shoot at the dot you will miss the target by shooting too far behind, you need to aim in front of the dot in this situation. Think of the aim-assist-dot as "if the ship stays it's course and doesn't speed up/slow down, this is where to shoot". Launcher Cheatautomation's launcher doesn't have settings like the competition (which are difficult for newbies), it's all done in-game. This is a benefit because you can get your cheats launched in less than half the time. It does what it's suppose to do it, no complaints. Detections / Bans No one is getting banned for these types of cheats as far as I'm aware. It's those illegal mods that wargaming detects every so often and bans for, not even sure if that exists for WoWS like they do for WoT. Price Cheatautomation wins. Competition is more expensive for essentially the same thing, they also don't offer lifetime. Down Time It has not affected me but I have seen some threads about the cheat servers going down. Some of those I believe are from users who download the cheat every time they use it (the download is broken), this is not what is needed, you download it once and you just rerun it for future uses, so some of those threads are, in my opinion, user error. The staff responds quickly and fixes it no matter what the issue is though. Everything has downtime, it's a fact of life. It's how quick the staff responds and it is quick in both places. Forum Structure Cheatautomation does not lock you into only your sub's forum. You can view threads from all the cheats they offer. The competition doesn't (unless their permissions are off), those broken permissions have lead to additional purchases from me because I could see what the current subs are saying. This is a nice benefit of Cheatautomation and will likely lead to me purchasing more from them in the future since I won't feel like I'm buying it blind. Hardware Resets You get 6 resets per month here. The other place you pay for resets (with exemptions). I have not been through the process here so I can't really speak more on that topic. Future Improvements Cheatautomation may add some more features in the future like hotkey profile switching and typing your values instead of just sliders. They also have a current test version for improving performance for some lower end systems. The competition will update theirs when hell freezes over. The best you can hope for there is they update it when a major game patch breaks it. Conclusion Both work but CheatAutomation has better community support and pricing. I pondered for a few days if I should buy a sub or lifetime. I regret not going full lifetime. When my sub is up I will go lifetime. Know what you are buying! You will not find an "aimbot" for WoWS like you can for an FPS game. Bullets don't take 10 seconds to reach the target in a regular FPS. No cheat program can read the other player's mind. This will improve your play though, your first volley is much much more likely to hit pay dirt with the aim assist icon helping you. You still need to predict; if they will turn, slow down or speed up in the time it takes your shells to reach the target which the direction line of the cheat will assist you with. I couldn't play WoWS without this cheat. Would I recommend Cheatautomation to a friend over the competition? YES and I have.
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    Our Battlefield 1 Hack is NOW AVAILABLE! We've updated our Battlefield 1 hack for the Origin Access trial version of the game, which is available up until the official launch for Origin Access members. Origin Access members can play the Battlefield 1 Trial for up to 10 hours. Our Battlefield 1 Hack is now updated for release with all the features of the beta like our precision bone aimbot, full ESP, 2D radar, 1-hit-kill and more! Get one of the best private cheats for Battlefield 1 at CheatAutomation. We'll be adding additional features after launch to ensure we offer the #1 Battlefield 1 Hack. To learn more, visit the Battlefield 1 Hack page.
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    Taking our experience developing cheats for the Battlefield series, CheatAutomation is taking on Star Wars with our Battlefront hack ready for the beta! Our cheat gives you a load of features out the gate with our precision aimbot, full ESP features, radar, and more, all easily accessible through our easy to use, mouse-driven menu. Rank up through the beta fast, and hold the top spot on the scoreboard every match. You can be absolutely deadly with any weapon with the aimbot which enables easy lock-on to enemy players. ESP and radar gives you full awareness of the battlefield with multiple options including nametags, health, distance and more! Our Star Wars Battleront beta hack is available during the game's beta to all All-Access VIP and Battlefield subscribers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIhx33faJ1Q Star Wars Battlefront Hack Features: Update 10/09/2015 Additions: Added Head Aimbot Added Option for choosing Aim Point Fixed ESP Issues Added HeadDot ESP Clamped Radar Points Added Proper Crosshair Vis Checks for Friendlies Aimbot: Player/AI Aiming Field of View Custom Aimkey Choose Aim Point (NEW) Aim Smoothing (NEW) 3D ESP: Name ESP Distance ESP Box ESP Head Dot ESP (NEW) RADAR: Show Players/AI Radar Size Radar Dot Size Other: Crosshair In-Game Mouse-Driven Menu Saving/Loading Features (NEW!) Undetected by Anti-Cheat Get your All-Access VIP or Battlefield subscription and load the cheat today! This post has been promoted to an article
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    Reset your own HWID!

    We're pleased to announce a new convenience feature here at CA. I know you guys like your HWID resets. In fact, I can say I know, because I've reset every damned one of them for the past 3 years. That's not to say I really mind doing it, but why should you have to wait for me to check your ticket when you could just do it yourself? It's sad, though - I'll miss our fireside support ticket chats, where I told you I reset your HWID and promptly closed the ticket. Introducing the "self-checkout CheatAutomation HWID Reset tool." That's right, along with all the big-box retailers, CheatAutomation is using automation to put the website administrator out of a job! To ensure you don't miss that touch of human interaction, after resetting your HWID, you will see one of a number of different messages to leave you feeling upbeat, such as: Thanks for resetting your HWID through our self-checkout system, have a nice day! Your HWID is now reset! Have fun! That HWID is reset! You go get em, tiger! You'll need to reset your HWID multiple times to see every message. Collect them all! If you attempt to login to the client on a PC with a different HWID than the last detected one, you'll be sent to this HWID reset page, where you can click to reset your HWID, then return to the login and continue. On the 1st of every month you'll be reset to 4 available HWID Resets, meaning you can reset your HWID up to 4 times a month. While this doesn't enable frequent use on 2 PCs, if you have 2 PCs at different houses or locations you visit sporadically, this will enable you to still use the cheats at both those locations. With this in place we plan to later stop offering manual HWID resets except in extreme circumstances. At this point it's still in testing, though I don't forsee any issues. If there are problems, a support ticket is still an option. Hope everyone enjoys the new system!
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    CheatAutomation is proud to officially make our Heroes & Generals cheat available for sale. Over the past few weeks the cheat has been available to all-access subscribers who have helped with testing and providing feedback to continue to shape the cheat. But we're not done! We'll continue to develop the cheat, making improvements to the aimbot and ESP after launch for the foreseeable future. Heroes & Generals Hack Features: Aimbot: Aimbot FOV Aimbot Adjust Aimkey Visibility Checking ESP: Box ESP Nametag ESP Distance ESP Type ESP Barrel ESP Other: 2D Radar (Set Position, Size) Customizable Crosshair Save/Load System In-Game Mouse-Driven Menu Undetected by Game Client Purchase our Heroes & Generals Hack Now! Get Instant Access to the cheat now!
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    To be 100% honest and upfront I have never had any problems with any of the CheatAutomation hacks that are currently availlable. I have been a VIP for quite some time now so I have tested the hacks out all the games. Anywhere from raging to legit/pro and it has been a flawless ride. 10/10 BF4 hack - Very neat and tidy ESP. Very very accurate aimbot with amazing prediction. Smart tags for the legit/pro player looking to just up his game that work very well. They even went above and beyond with the vehicle aiming. 10/10 Titanfall hack - Very neat and tidy ESP. Accurate aimbot with predictions as well as the aimbot remains active inside the titan with features that went above and beyond like ability to turn aimbot on for minion kills. LOVE THIS HACK 10/10 Nether hack - I can go on and on about all the settings for this hack. They really put in some work for this hack and it really shows. Simple ingame menu is flawless. Accurate Aimbot. Tidy ESP. Fast level ups. Faster items, ect etc. 10/10 WarZ hack - Tactical View is amazing. Item ESP for those hard to find items works well. ESP is very neat and tidy with all the settings like health/distance and more. I won't ever switch hack providers unless CheatAutomation simply stops making hacks lol. Anyways hope this helps anyone skeptical about trying out CheatAutomation! The staff is very helpful and always seem to be around when anyone has a problem. Fast responses in VIP forums. You honestly cannot go wrong with this provider!! PS. I am Computer Systems Technologist and was very skeptical about any hack provider as there is many scammers out there. Boy was I happy when I tried out CheatAutomation and has flawless results!
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    Titanfall Hack in Development

    Hey guys, we have already talked about developing a cheat for Titanfall, but it seems like creating an official announcement/thread for it is the right thing to do. We're working on developing a Titanfall Hack. We're currently making good progress, but to do things right it takes time. There's no sense in hacking something together that is insecure and can easily be detected a week or two from now. So, if you're willing to wait, we'll bring you CheatAutomation's brand of artificial enhancement to Titanfall. I can't estimate exactly when our hack will be released, as its release depends on solving a few challenges, but we hope it will be a few days to have something ready for you. Work In Progress
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    ARMA 3 Beta Hack Now Available

    Hey guys, we are currently working on our ARMA 3 hack which we are now beta testing. In this stage of development we want to get it into your hands since the ARMA 3 Alpha is widely available and there is much fun (and testing) to be had. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dpEYwOHHCJE Video courtesy of Crypt Current Beta Features (as of March 17th,2013): Player & Vehicle ESP Name ESP Distance ESP Health ESP Box ESP SCRIPT INJECTION (This is the main feature as you can run scripts that do just about anything!) Some scripts posted on our VIP forums include No Recoil, Vehicle Spawning, Self Heal, Repair Vehicle, Infinite Ammo, No Grass, Map ESP, and more! These features will change quickly as we add more to the hack. This is only an early version of the hack with the core features you need to rampage on any server. How to Get Access: The ARMA 3 Beta hack is currently not for sale. We are letting All-Access VIP members access it early for free to help beta test and provide feedback. Want to learn more about All-Access VIP? You can also read our announcement topic which contains more information on All-Access VIP discounts Using a script to spawn civilians Working Vehicle & Player ESP I spawned this sick heli
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    Honest Testimonial

    Ill be honest, when I arrived at this site, it looked so professionally done that I assumed that it had to be run by some sort of scammers or phishers. I also assumed that all these testimonies were fake in the pursuit of tricking people. However, against my best judgement and I still went forward and purchased the all inclusive month of hacks. And oh my god has it ever been amazing. The Battlefield 4 hack works fantastic and has been undetected for weeks, the support on the forum is great and not to mention if I ever decide to pick up another game, I have complete access to that too. I would honestly recommend this to anyone, as this is such an amazing service and I'm happy to be filling the pockets of the owners of this site. 10/10, no complaints.
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    Beautifully Coded

    First off i would like to say thank you to all the team members of CA and its great community. This review is to finalize my thoughts on this hack. I have been looking all over for the right hack going from website to website, video after video. Finally i found CA and started researching it. i first went to their website and took a quick look a things, at first i was scared that maybe all these testimonials were written by one person, which is a marketing strategy in the stock world, i know this because i am a stock trader, and my rule is "Trade Scared, Buy Fear, Sell Euphoria", started looking for things that were the same and out place,trying to connect the dots that this website and the hacks were fake. I quickly found out that i was wrong and that this website was legit and the hacks being produced was top quality. I have used this hack on many anti-hack servers, worked flawlessly and simple. The response for help on the forums/site is AMAZING, the combination of both the community and the developers/team make it ever easy to lift that big worry off your shoulders. So i ended up getting the LifeTime Hacks for BF4, Don't regret it and like AMAZING SEX i would do it over and over again. My gaming experience with this hack has become sooo fun i really can't play without them. Although i do only use the ESP's most of the time "Wink", having that extra aimbot support in a click of a button is priceless. Again thank you to all the CA members/developers/team members. Love this Hack!!!!! TheBatman
  22. 3 points
    I have been using this BF4 hack I can't play with out it and I want thanks to 'Robert and Crypt for fast response and help me a lot many many thanks guy. Ultimately this hack is so great I ended up recommending it to my friends that they are now safely using it, great!!! Thanks to Robert and Crypt and all the team members out there. Great work !!! Keep it up guy.
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    It's CheatAutomation's 1 year anniversary! We first started the site a year ago and are thrilled to be able to celebrate this occasion with everyone. To celebrate and thank everyone, we are offering a 20% off discount on all subscriptions and renewals for the next 48 hours, through to 07-26-2013. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you decide to renew a subscription early, make sure you cancel any recurring paypal payments first. Otherwise you will still additonally be billed by paypal as normal. Please follow this guide to see how to cancel paypal subscriptions. 20% Off Discount: Apply the coupon code: 1YEAR20 when checking out with a new subscription or renewal. The "I have a coupon to use" link will appear at the bottom of Step 2 of the checkout process (Confirm & Pay). Tell your friends! If you know anyone that might be interested in us, this is a perfect chance for them to give us a try! And finally, thank you to all of you guys who have stuck with us through thick and thin. I look forward to hopefully still seeing many of you around at our 2nd year anniversary 7-26-2013 EDIT: The sale is now over.
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    PUBG Hack

    Bought it on june 16 and doesnt even inject ingame, dont waste your money buying it
  25. 2 points

    Star Citizen Cheat Now Available!

    We're pleased to announce the release of our Star Citizen Cheat and Star Marine Cheat. Augment your pilot with the most insane abilites possible, from our Silent Aimbot to Shoot Through Walls hack, and cause havoc in the Star Marine FPS mode! Our Star Citizen cheat is currently designed for the FPS parts of the game, but as the game continues to develop and adds to the piloting experience, we plan to support ship-on-ship features and much more. While our cheat is undetected and Star Citizen currently uses no anti-cheat, we would never recommend cheating on an account you have invested a lot of money in, as some Star Citizen backers have. See all the cheat details on our Star Citizen Hack Page: Become an All-Access VIP to access the cheat, or purchase a Star Citizen Hack Subscription:
  26. 2 points
    Pre-Purchases with BETA Access Now Available for Battlefield 1! You can now pre-purchase your Battlefield 1 cheat access and save 10-20% on your purchase, and get BETA access for the Battlefield 1 Beta (starting August 30th!) You can start dominating in the beta, topping the scoreboards, and learning the game. The Battlefield 1 Beta is reported to run until September 8th. Our cheat features our precision bone aimbot, 3D ESP, and One-Hit-Kill, with more features being added throughout the beta. You can be part of the development process with feature suggestions and bug reports, while getting to start cheating immediately! Get 10% OFF our Battlefield 1-Month Pre-Purchase with BETA Access Get 20% OFF our Battlefield LIFETIME Pre-Purchase with BETA Access Based on sales, we may remove these offers prior to launch, so secure your access now and get your beta access! Existing Subscribers Current All-Access VIPs, Battlefield Hack Subscribers, Battlefield 4 Lifetime and Battlefield Hardline Lifetime members will also have access to the Battlefield 1 Hack BETA Battlefield 1 Beta Hack Availability & Features Our cheat is now available with ESP through our in-game menu! We will be continuing to develop the cheat throughout the beta and adding new and improved features to it! For a overview of general features we are developing, see the Battlefield 1 Hack page. Update: We've adjusted our offer a bit, instead of selling a 3-month pre-purchase we are now selling a 1-month pre-purchase instead.
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    Reviews VIP Hack

    Thanks for the testimonial Mikey, appreciate your "leap of faith" going for lifetime VIP and we don't plan to disappoint you. I've added an additional 99 years to your lifetime subscription for taking the time to write this
  28. 2 points

    I was sceptic first.

    First i was sceptic if it's secure and if cheatautomation is legit. Turns out my worries faded away quite quickly. I've chosen the VIP All Access which allows me to all their cheats and bots they provide. This site is more than legit, they even have a fast responding support team helping you. But often times it's enough to just search the forum for your Problem (Cheat Setup ect.). I'm happy with my choice and i can say this site is trustworthy. greets Beaf
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    Titanfall Hack Released

    CheatAutomation's titanfall hack is now available for purchase! Our titanfall hack offers all the features you need to destroy your opponents in every match. See where packs of enemy grunts are in attrition to farm quickly, and have the full tactical advantage in Last Titan Standing to enable you to out-maneuver your opponents. The hack (coded by Crypt and Catdaddy) features an aimbot with all the features needed to customize it for your preferences. With the inclusion of FoV and Aim Smoothing, you can keep your kill-cams looking legit and throw off Fairfight to boot. With ESP options you get a full tactical view of the battlefield. Our ESP shows players, npcs, and titans, and features nametags, boxes, health bars, snap-lines and more. Finally our other primary feature is a fully configurable 2D radar that can be moved and customized to your liking. If you want to rank up fast, "prestige" and be the MVP of your team every match, our hack is what you're looking for. Learn more about our Titanfall hack. Full Features: Aimbot: Precision Aimbot Aimbot Modes (Distance & FOV) Aimbot Smoothing Snapping Control Select Aim Area Aim at NPCs Customizable Aim Key System ESP: Name ESP Box ESP Health ESP Distance ESP Weapon ESP Snap Lines NPC ESP 2D Radar: Set Radar Size Enable/Disable Radar Border Enable/Disable Radar Cross Set Radar Position Miscellaneous: Crosshair Save & Load Settings In-Game Menu Anti-Cheat Undetected With more features coming soon! Screenshots:
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    Excellent 5 Star Hack!

    I play BATTLEFIELD 4 and I have been using this hack for about 1 week and its great! So many different settings, seems pretty safe to use, I was using all the hardcore stuff on it, but now I am using the FAIRFIGHT preset and its great, no problems, I play on all sorts of different servers ranging from normal to hardcore and I see other people getting banned by PB=PunkBuster prolly cause they use hack from other sites, but I still play on those servers hacking 24/7 and owning it up and not one problem : ) The customer service and Help and Support from the mods and creators of this product are amazing, they always get back to you and are very helpful, the small problems that I did have, they helped me fix asap! The community on this forum is also very nice and everyone seems to help each other : ) In the past I have hacked other games, I used a hack from MPGH, Im not bashing and this was also a few years ago, but I got banned after 1 day of using their software, I have seen and read up on a few others and this is by far the best one out there. They got this like thing in the software that helps you not get caught, these guys are genius's. Me and a couple friends are all using this BF4 Hack and its awesome! so much 1337 haha!
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    All-Access VIP subscriptions are now available at CheatAutomation! The VIP subscriptions get you access to all software we release at a lower price than purchasing multiple subscriptions. One of the perks of All-Access VIP is that we will occasionally be giving these subscribers access to test new cheats early to provide feedback and test features. We're currently working on our ARMA 3 hack (in beta) and All-Access VIP members can use it right now, and after we begin selling it. All-Access VIP Pricing vs Two or more Single Subscriptions: Buying two single game CheatAutomation subscriptions separately would cost approximately $29.76 (14.88 x 2). One month of All-Access VIP costs $19.88 for a single month. You save 33% each month! The three month All-Access VIP subscription, at $38.88 (Best Value) costs only $12.96 monthly (cheaper than any monthly cheat subscription) with a saving of 56% over 3 months. Planning on Staying for a While? As mentioned above, the three-month All-Access VIP subscription only costs $12.96 monthly, cheaper than any other subscription we offer. This makes it a great value if you plan on sticking with us, or are interested in upcoming titles that we plan to support. Or Better Yet, join us for life! Against our better judgment, we're also offering Lifetime VIP. This gets you access to the forum, launcher, and all cheats we develop for life! If you never want to pay for a cheat again, our All-Access VIP lifetime may be for you.
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