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  1. I own the lifetame pass since December 2013. I have seen this site grow, evolving and improving over time. I focused on them by making the lifetime pass without any guarantee of future, but I had also seen the potential of the future in the quality of their product. My trust has been repaid. If before the games available were not many, now the range available is really wide and always on the rise, with leading titles. I'm happy for Robert, even if I do not know him. He sensed that the sector in which he operates has economic prospects. It is committed, ensuring continuity and constant updates. It has improved the products, always guaranteeing our safety as players. I wanted to thank you for the hours of fun I spent using your products. Good, keep going this way.
  2. Dear Robert I 'm sure that FF dont works on stats. I mean that I collect many players stas banned from ff and only few has stats high. I studied the behaviour of ff with many playes and i suppose has fond the sistem to avoid ff. I have an account that i use only with cheat, are 9 mounth that I use it and i still play.......

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