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  1. Ghost recon wildlands

    Any idea when it'll be updated ?
  2. Ghost recon wildlands

    Hey, long time customer here, I've recently bought recon wildlands and playing coop with my friends, I'm curious if 1: the cheat is still up to date, 2: It's relatively safe to use in coop?
  3. Day of Infamy

    new-ish game on steam, mostly an FPS; growing a good and solid playerbase, we need you to work your magic
  4. cant use launcher

    Never had an issue before, see there is a new update, download it and can;t log in I changed my password over 5 times now and still it's telling me invalid password, EDIT: I can sign in to the website now but not the launcher, ONLY if i copy and paste my name, even though it's the same as if I typed it, PLEASE HELP Edit2: I can now only log in if I change my password, still no launcher luck
  5. Battlefiled,Battlefront and anything they touch

    Thank you and hope you guys keep up the great work!
  6. Being a user for nearly a year and a half now I ahve to say, any game these guys develop their "cheats" for is always golden, unlike other companies they may not have all the flashy features and the OP one shot kills and such but They also have the lowest number of bans across games; Not only have several of my friends now also subscribed to their service due to the amazing features of the client and hacks themselves but due to the outstanding work of the Admins and Moderators on the forums; I could sing songs of praise for an hour BUT I'll review the ones I have used. Grand Theft Auto V: The aimbot works extremely well in first person, it'll allow you to finish any mission with ease and kick extreme ass in free-roam, it comes with a working undetected God-Mode and No wanted star which work flawlessly as well, It could do with a third person aimbot but other then that solid-7/10 Ark Survival Evolved: This is a bit of a pet hate for me, It was the first cheat I bought and loved it; unfortunately with Ark getting BattleEye support the cheat now only works on unofficial servers, while a Disappointment I will not hate the developers for it as any game with BattleEye becomes near uncheatable, they have still though made a great Hack with amazing ESP options to help you rule any Unofficial server without question- 10/10 Battlefiled 1: Their newest cheat and by-far the one I now use the most, the aimbot is good for combat around 0-150m but the ESP will allow you to see every threat across the battlefield,while new I hope it is continued to be updated but in it's current state It works-5/10 Heroes and Generals: Not only did I sweat this game i did so while "rage" cheating, I was not banned; their anti-cheat just never stopped me while other websites get constant complaints of bans; why is this? Not only is Cheatautomation always updating but they work hard to keep their users safe while cheating, the cheat itself has A great working aimbot at any distance, a great and simple UI as all their cheats do and their ESP works flawlessly without screen clutter-7/10 Battlefront: The same as Battlefield just with better range and a lot smoother, my personal fav for around four months-10/10 The Division: A game I know a lot of people were looking forward too, The Dark-zone since day one has been mine,this hack has not only allowed me to kick ass with brutal efficiency but Nothing is a challenge, It is still extremely fun to rip through groups of players as if they had brought a Knife to a nuke fight and watch then QQ all day long, the Aimbot works at almost any range, the only restriction being your gun, The ESP is nicely labeled and detailed, onto the aimbot it has two different settings which allow for a more "legit" looking aimbot it was also released extremely fast so this'll be a solid 10/10 I want to thank the staff and community for making CheatAutomation what it is, please keep up the good work!
  7. Mount and Blade: Warband

    While an old game it has a huge following and most cheat developers for it went private With no real anticheat could you guys look into it? Features such as: Autoblocking Wallhacks and assisted aiming would all work
  8. The culling hack ?

    ETa on culling cheat?
  9. ^ This is why I love this website
  10. Ark: Survival evolved

    I was curious if the aimbot can be set to not lock onto allies and tribe members, It's all I need to know before I buy it