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  1. Hi Sejuth, looking for your reply from yesterday! I have a Windows10  - 64 bit system cant seem to get WoWs to work, keeps telling me - "Trying to load a 32 bit cheat using the 64 bit client" - but I'm sure I saw someone else on one of your blogs showing a vid of it working using a 64 bit system.?? - but with other probs, have bought a One month sub, hope Iv'e not wasted my money?? -  three days gone already. - could you perhaps Email me, rather than having to continually going to your site and searching for any response.?  - [email protected]  if it does not work on a 64 bit system then I'll know. - Thanks for any input. - Blacksails.

    1. Sejuth


      The cheat that you're trying to load is for a 32-bit game,
      Please use the x86 client in order for it to work :)
      It doesn't matter if your Windows is 64-bit.

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