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  1. Hello can you help how to cheat in ros aimbot only

  2. How to purchase VIP

    Currently, the only way to get our cheats is through one of our resellers:
  3. Hello

    Hello @Hanzfahmy, welcome to Cheat Automation!
  4. rules of survival

    You need an active subscription: :)
  5. Ghost Recon WildLands

    Hello, sorry but I don't think we'll be updating that cheat anymore.
  6. How to auto aim ros?

    Firstly you need a subscription: Then you can download it here:
  7. H&G

    We don't support Heroes and Generals anymore, sorry.
  8. rules of survival

    We don't make cheats for mobile.
  9. Seyko2

  10. cant download

    You need an active subscription in order to be able to download and use our cheats.
  11. Requested Games/Cheats

    Sorry, no plans currently.
  12. Are you still experiencing this issue?
  13. just bought subscription but cant access the hacks says i dont not have permission