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  1. Hey I am transferring my cheat to another PC, Robert isnt replying can u help me to do that? I need to reset my HWID?

  2. Hey Bud,  trying to renew.

    Same issue as Marco below.

    Also, tried to private msg you...says not accepting?


  3. When i try to paypal you the 17,50 euros for 1 month subscription it says -  This recipient accepts PayPal payments only through its website. You must go to the recipient's website and follow the instructions or send an email to the recipient to find out how to pay. Please help :)

    1. readykilowatt


      Marco,  did you ever get an answer from Sejuth?

  4. can you help me to understand how these hack work for the division?
    I do not speak English well

  5. i Need a renew via PayPal can we make this ?

  6. I want to know if Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and call of duty wwii. I want 3 month access but can see paypal payment

  7. Hi. where I gonna find the Rules Of Survival Cheat here in forum?

  8. Hey Sejuth,

    could you please help me with paying via PayPal?

  9. Hey I think your PM is full, I'd like to renew my key

  10. Hi, pm sent 


  11. Please answer message

  12. Please answer message :)


  13. Please response my message

    1. Sejuth


      Done, no need to spam though.

  14. connection has been lost

    1. Sejuth


      I've notified the admins, sorry for the inconvenience!

  15. check my message :)