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  1. No ETA on this cheat, sorry guys.
  2. Payment problem

    We no longer support PayPal because they banned our business account. The only way to get our cheats is through our resellers;
  3. Requested Games/Cheats

    We won't support games like this, if Cheat Engine can be used, there's no point for us to try and do something.
  4. Hi

  5. Budda

  6. How to download a cheat ?

    Read the post above your own post, it has absolute clear instructions on what to do.
  7. This is so funny

    That was funny
  8. Help

    Currently, the only way to purchase our cheats is through one of our resellers:
  9. How to download a cheat ?

    Read the best answer in this thread.
  10. Our cheats are only supported on the computer. We don't and probably never will support any mobile phone OS, sorry.

    You need an active subscription: