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  1. Hey buddy, do you know if they are going to continue to support WOWs hack ? If not, is there any other place that CA works with that offers this same or similar program that we can purchase ? Rebel Girl does not seem to be answering my ticket so far. I tried sending you a PM but it says you can not accept PMs.  Hope all is going well for you.

    Tnx Dakota

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    2. Judas


      Hello Dakota, I have no idea is Sejuth still alive or working on CheatAutomation. No one seems to update cheats any more, no one is updating forums, no one seems to care about enything... Its really sad, but what can we do about it? 

    3. Dakota75th


      Hi Judas,

      Yeh, I think Sejuth has quit his work here. Very sad to hear this place has been left unupdated. I liked it here a lot..good people. I have no idea where to go from here. If someone finds a good place like here..please let me know.

    4. Toten


      It appears this service is "officially" dead...so sad.  RIP

  2. i pay extra money to you to make wows cheat fix say  a price i pay

  3. Hi,


    normally i could renew my subscription with crypto, but it seems like its not working as of now?

  4. My hacker opened the prompt and did not respond, and no one responded to my message. Are you still updating this hack?

  5. hello

    can you fix this ? can't  post in forums




  6. Not happy bought the program can not down load it done that early this morning no answer my support this may be last time i buy it.

  7. 我想买你的明星公民黑客。请告诉我你还在努力。

  8. sorry for the troubles but could you help look into my support ticket?

    1. Cretusef


      They are scamers, every ting is fake here, i payd them months ago, still no response on my tikets ... those testimonials are so fking fake ! 

  9. colega o hack de destiny2 esta funcionando, pois efetueia a compra ontem 


  10. Hello I put up a support ticket 2 weeks ago could you take a look at it?


    1. Cretusef


      They are scamers, every ting is fake here, i payd them months ago, still no response on my tikets ... those testimonials are so fking fake ! 

    2. Lebronfan23


      No there not they dont respond is all

  11. Hey, i put a support ticket in and was wondering if you could take a look at it? It's almost been a week with no reply

  12. hi destiny 2 cheat isnt working and im not getting any reply on support and i cant post in any forums 

  13. @RebelGirl @Sejuth guys what's going on can someone reply to my support ticeket?

    1. Taiphoon


      Don't hold your breath.  I have posted replies and support inquiries that are pending approval from an admin for months to even show up.  ZERO forum posts of mine have been approved.

  14. @RebelGirl hey  this is the 7 time I create a support ticket , this is not correct, customer service  which you don't have this is te second time you guys take my money and I don't get the producto or a response from you guys this is not correct  @Crypt @Robert @sighber

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