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  1. Cheat for Infinate Warefare

    aww why not? that was the icing on the cake....
  2. Cheat for Infinate Warefare

    is there also going to be a hack for COD4? when Infinate warefare is released?
  3. Testimonial

    I am a Lifetime VIP member the hacks are great i enjoy the ESp and Aimbots... DOOM.. RS6 Siege... Battlefield... 10/10 best cheats on the market
  4. Cheat for Infinate Warefare

    any estimated time when it will be finished?
  5. Cheat for Infinate Warefare

    COD is my favorite game.. by far.. its the best game in my opinion... gameplay is the best compared to other games.. and it kicksass
  6. Cheat for Infinate Warefare

    could you consider making a hack for this game? i really would appreciate it.. i need it badly
  7. I think there should definately be a cheat for this game.. please
  8. what games will be having hacks comming soon for cheatautomation... like battlefield 1, ghost recon?... etc..... this winter.. im anticipating... on some new video games.. wondering whats in store for hacks this winter